Announcing TSplus International and Choice Clouds Partnership

Mr. John Davies, president of TSplus International s.r.o. and Mr. Adeola Momolosho, CEO of Business Choice Integrated Concerns Ltd, are happy to announce their partnership for the distribution of the TSplus product line in Africa under the «Choice Cloud» brand name.

Choice Cloud new partner for TSplus' distribution in Africa

For the last 10 years, TSplus International has been providing secure remote desktop access, web portal and Windows application delivery solutions. The TSplus International worldwide distribution network is comprised of 5,000 resellers. Africa is a fast-growing market where IT infrastructure is developing along with the need for cost-effective, user-friendly and efficient business applications. TSplus is distributed locally from South Africa to the rest of the continent under the management of Mr. Christian Platzer, region director. Only French-speaking countries still remain out of the scope. TSplus International’s mission is to support its partners and resellers in their growth by offering a flexible, easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to Citrix.

Remote Desktop Solutions in African Market

Business Choice Integrated Concerns (hereinafter identified as «Business Choice»), an international cloud hosting company with headquarters based in the U.K., distributes Microsoft Dynamics-based services via their main website,, while their resellers in Africa promote these services in Nigeria and Ghana. Until now, Choice Cloud’s development in Africa has been limited by a general skepticism regarding cloud computing and a lack of trust in the reliability of hosting companies. For this reason, Mr. Adeola Momolosho has been looking for a strong technology partner able to fulfill expectations specific to the African market. As a former Citrix certified architect, Adeola invested in a complete review of affordable and effective Citrix alternatives for worldwide market players and selected TSplus.

What’s the next step for Choice Clouds in Africa?, and are promoting the distribution of Choice Cloud in Africa. The London hosting service and Business Choice’s U.K. resources will be available to African customers, while Choice Cloud’s African field service representatives will provide local training and first/second level support services to African customers. Choice Cloud’s growing network of resellers in Nigeria and the nations of Central Africa will help to ensure the success of this major step toward its development in Africa.

When asked about his business goals, Mr. Adeola Momolosho gave the following:

➢ To extend Choice Cloud’s market to five African countries

➢ To win back most of Choice Cloud’s competitors’ customers in these countries

The TSplus International team is pleased to fully cooperate with Business Choice in order to turn this partnership into a success story.  

To learn more about TSplus, visit the website.

It’s easy to become a happy TSplus partner: just contact to learn about the exclusive advantages reserved for TSplus resellers.



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