Announcing TSplus India's Participation in NCN/NSS Networking Channel Partners Summit 2017

Rukshan Sanjeewa, Head of TSplus India and Olivier Benoit, Head of the Headquarters, are honored to be participating for the very first time in the Summit for Networking Channels actors in the country. The event is organized by NCN & NSS and takes place today, the 15th of September, in New Delhi.

NCN/NSS Networking Channel Partners summit 2017

A local trade show to support IT Industry

NCN or National Computrade News is an Indian IT magazine (online and offline) created in 1999 with the objective of disseminating relevant information about new technologies' business world.

The Networking Channel Partners Summit gathers during one day a sample of unique and ambitious IT organizations to learn, network and share knowledge about the best practices and future developments in networking / ICT design, infrastructure challenges & solutions. A series of technical programs are presented all along the day; through conferences, workshops, and keynotes.

A chance to discover TSplus' latest developments

The dedicated product pavilion will give attendees a closer view of conference exhibitors' latest products and services. TSplus has the great honor to be one of the guests. This is the opportunity for Rukshan Sanjeewa to introduce the latest 10.40 release and improvements included, such as an enhanced Remote Printer and a fully customizable Web Application Portal. TSplus is also excited to present its enlarged range with two powerful add-ons, Server Genius and RDS-Knight.

These tools can be downloaded and tested for free on TSplus' website, along with the latest version of the software.

The objective for TSplus is also to discover and develop other technological competencies in Networking solutions as well as founding new partnerships, which is vital for keeping TSplus as the best Remote Desktop software and Citrix alternative.

About TSplus Software:

TSplus International worked over a decade to build the best Citrix alternative and its team is at the top of its game. TSplus has developed worldwide class solutions to web-enable any Windows application. TSplus offers the most advanced solutions for Cloud Computing, Web Portal, and Application Publishing services. Their global solutions range from multinational to SMBs. From HR to Finance or IT, see how quickly you can web enable instantly your Windows apps for collaborating, connecting, and increasing productivity.

For additional information, visit or send an email to who will be pleased to answer you.

By F.Mer, Marketing Manager at TSplus 

Source: TSplus