Announcing TSplus 10.50 Release General Availability

The New TSplus 10.50 is finally out and brings amazing enhancements! This upgraded release includes exclusive new features, developed within the last three months by the TSplus Technical team to ensure the best remote desktop experience. Because nothing is more important than the security and success of every TSplus customer. Discover the details of these changes.

RemoteApp On Client - TSplus

What's New in TSplus?

New "RemoteApp On Client" Option Available

The TSplus Admin Tool now offers a new option for the Administrator to select: "My RemoteApp" allows the opening of every application as a unique RemoteApp on the client's PC. The Client Generator and the AdminTool "Assign Application" tile have been changed to provide this great new feature: each user will see, in his START menu and within his SYTRAY icon, the list of his assigned applications. He will then be able to select within its "Local Menu" one of these applications and to start it as a RemoteApp.

Thus, it eliminates the need for a generated client on the users' side and enables the launching of a single application at a time.

To activate this nice new feature the Administrator must generate new connection clients.

Ever-improving HTML5 Remote Client

TSplus provides an unlimited access to remote desktops and applications with its fully secure HTML5 Client. The new 10.50 release brings advanced features to get an optimal experience of the Web Application Portal on any device, such as:

  • Better handling and display of the File transfer by Drag/Drop between the client and the server, to a large number of files. Regarding large files transfer, the result can be predicted by the software as a warning to the user.
  • Prevention of missing files.
  • Automatic renaming of new existing files.
  • Optimization of the memory size and the CPU requirements in order to warrant a strong stability.
  • New Design for the HTML5 Top Menu's icons.

A Support for Windows 10 Home

This service removed about a year ago is now available again.

TSplus Advanced Security Evolves to Offer a new Powerful Add-on

For over a year TSplus has been investing to provide the most secure environment to its customers. The team developed an easy-to-use yet very efficient Add-on, named RDS-Knight. This new product is offered in two Editions:

  • The Security Essentials, an essential security package that focuses on keeping remote connections in a safe place for all TSplus users with three fundamental protective measures. It is a "must-have" for every TSplus Administrator, especially since it is sold at a very attractive price: only $49/server!
  • The Ultimate Protection completes the Essentials Edition with two additional features intending to lock down RDS Servers and protect them against any breach that could lead an organization to a failure. It is the Premium solution to shield large environments, running on TSplus servers with multiple connections. This Edition can be currently bought online for a discounted price: $275/server for existing TSplus customers.

As a result, the 10.50 AdminTool Advanced security tabs were transformed, to gather all Advanced Security Features and more into a unique great product.

To learn more about RDS-Knight capabilities, watch this four-minute video.

All 10.40 known issues have been fixed such as:

  • Change of the logon process (logonsession.bin) to avoid the display of a File Explorer in some cases as for other crash bugs. This new version ensures better performances and shorter logon delay.
  • Enhancement of the Universal Printer features for an optimized result, even in specific cases.

This release is a major release and it is recommended to download and apply for the new Update Release:

About TSplus Software:

TSplus International worked over a decade to build the best Citrix alternative and its team is at the top of its game. TSplus has developed worldwide class solutions to web-enable any Windows application. TSplus offers the most advanced solutions for Cloud Computing, Web Portal, and Application Publishing services. Their global solutions range from multinational to SMBs. From HR to Finance or IT, see how quickly you can web enable instantly your Windows apps for collaborating, connecting, and increasing productivity. For additional information, visit or send an email to

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