Announcing the HANI™ Clamp-on Temperature Sensor

Achieving Unprecedented Accuracy with Noninvasive Technology

With the new HANI™ clamp-on temperature sensor developed by Omega Engineering, Inc., it's now possible to measure the temperature of a fluid flowing through a pipe with unprecedented accuracy, using a sensor that installs in seconds — with no cutting or drilling into the pipe.

The HANI™ temperature sensor's patent-pending design incorporates temperature and heat-flux sensors and leverages a proprietary algorithm to achieve fast response times and accuracies that rival those of in-pipe sensors. What's different is that there's no need for costly installation or downtime. "It mounts like a surface sensor, but performs like an invasive sensor," says Ahmar Bajwa, Director of Product Management for Temperature at Omega Engineering.

Developed for sanitary fluid and industrial process temperature measurement applications in industries such as food and beverage, chemical production, and pharmaceuticals, the HANI installs by simply clamping to the outside of the pipe. Moving the HANI is easy: just unclamp the sensor, relocate it, and re-clamp.

"Installing or relocating an invasive in-pipe sensor can be a costly, time-consuming process," explains Bajwa. "With the HANI, customers don't need to worry about immersion depth, material compatibility, corrosion or contamination risks. And there's no loss of performance, so it's really a best-of-both-worlds approach."   

To meet its customers' need for cost-effective solutions, Omega will offer the HANI for an initial price of $625, with a 20% promotional pricing discount for the first three months it's available. Comparable units designed for use in hazardous locations cost more than double what the HANI costs. "There's nothing else like it on the market at this price point," says Bajwa. "That makes the ROI question into an easy yes."     

As a Layer N-compatible device, the HANI can be seamlessly connected within Omega's smart industrial monitoring and control ecosystem. The HANI outputs at 4-20 mA and can be connected by an M12 cable to any standard output device.

OMEGA (part of Spectris Plc) is an established global leader in the technical marketplace, offering more than 100,000 state-of-the-art products for measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH, and conductivity. OMEGA also provides customers with a complete line of data acquisition, heating, and custom-engineered products.

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Source: Omega Engineering, Inc.