Announcing the General Availability of TSplus 9.40 Release

TSplus has been upgraded to its latest version. The Release 9.40 is downloadable since Tuesday, 06/28. What are the innovations included? TSplus Development team enumerates the numerous improvements that keep TSplus as the best Citrix alternative for your business.

TSplus 9.40 Release

Since 2004, TSplus has been helping businesses to increase their agility with their best-in-class Web Access solutions. TSplus provides the easiest-to-install and easiest-to-use Remote Desktop solution, compatible with any Windows system, accessible from any device with any browser. Based on a unique HTML5 technology, TSplus Mobile Web is the most reliable, scalable and cost effective solution to web enable any Windows application.

TSplus newest 9.40 Release offers great new features and enhancement. A complete list of changes for this release can be found in our NEWS tab, located in our Release Notes category. Here are the most important changes since 9.30 :

  • First of all, all known 9.30 issues have been fixed.
  • Web Server optimization : The Web Server's default settings have been changed to provide a better secure HTTPS connection while increasing compatibility with more mobile devices. The download support of big files has also been extended. When the available memory's amount is less than 50 MB, the program warn the user that it does not allow any new session to warrant the Web Server stability.
  • Web Portal Windows Client: The TSplus Reverse-Proxy and the Gateway User/Server Assignments now support the Web Portal Windows Client (RemoteApp and RDP mode).
  • HTML5 client: Folders can now be dropped into Chrome, in order to upload them to the server session. Web Credentials on page refresh are now supported, as well as the "SSL multi-domain" support and the "large document files transfer" support.
  • Free Certificate Manager: It is now possible to change the domain name of a free authenticated SSL certificate. Furthermore, the Free Certificate Manager has been enhanced to enter multiple domain names (e.g. ",
  • RDP Defender: The administrator can white lists an IP range instead of having to do it one by one.
  • TSplus Taskbar enhancements: The system tray icons can now be displayed. Some applications start as an icon inside the system tray, such as the language selection icon. The working area is the screen size to be used when one application is maximized. It is now possible to set a left margin or a bottom margin. Using these new options enables to avoid an overlaping of the TSplus Taskbar by the maximized application.
  • Better performances: The CPU required has been minimized to warrant better performances when a large number of sessions are started.
  • Universal Printer: the landscape/portrait format detection is better, large documents are now supported and the printing stays stable whenever there are some disconnections/reconnections of sessions.
  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This major W10 update will be available on August 2 and the release 9.40 is of course ready for this event.

TSplus 9.40 is a major release and we recommend you to download and to apply the Update Release. For more information, go to their Website.

Floriane Mer
Marketing Manager at TSplus

About TSplus : TSplus is a privately held company. Since 1996, TSplus is specialized in remote-access technology, ever- expanding its experience and expertise in deployments of all sizes. TSplus is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to Citrix. With HTML5, TSplus provides the ultimate solution to web enable Windows applications inside the web browser. TSplus Web Portal is the flexible, scalable and reliable solution for Windows based Cloud Computing and SaaS. For any questions, comments, suggestions or sales inquiries please send an e-mail to who will be pleased to answer you.



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