Announcing RDS-Knight 1.8 Compatible With Windows 32bits

RDS-Knight is the most powerful and simple to use solution to secure RDS Servers. It has been designed to protect remote connections to Windows Desktops and Business Applications with a package of advanced security features. Today the developer confirms its full compatibility with Windows systems, including the 32bits.

RDS-Knight 1.8 release

Recently RDS-Tools announced a new version of its security tool for Windows RDS. RDS-Knight offers five great protective measures to lock down servers and remote sessions. With options to restrict data access at geographical and organizational levels, businesses get the insurance to prevent any attack both from inside and outside their network.

Until now, RDS-Knight amazing features were compatible with all Windows systems, from Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016. As a modern and innovative application, it has been designed to be supported by the most recent devices working under 64bits systems.

Nevertheless, RDS-Tools main values are ACCESSIBILITY and SIMPLICITY. That is why RDS-Knight 1.8 release is now officially also compatible with any Windows 32bits system and therefore can support older devices and workstations.

RDS-Knight 1.8 is a minor release. However, we recommend the customers to download and apply the update file for an optimal experience.

For more information, visit and RDS-Knight webpage.

Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager



Categories: IT Security

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