Announcing TSplus Success at COMPUTEX Edition 2016

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COMPUTEX, the world largest ICT Trade show, was held last week from the 31st of May to the 4th of June, in Taipei, Taiwan. John Davies (TSplus International President), Olivier Benoit (TSplus Asia President) and Alan Yang (TSplus Eastern Asia Region Director), took this opportunity to present the latest release of TSplus and its unique HTML5 technology. TSplus release 9.30 Mobile Web is a reliable, scalable and cost effective solution to web enable any Windows application.

For the 2016 Edition, COMPUTEX focused on the Internet of Things and startups. With over 1,600 exhibitors coming from 29 countries and over 5,000 booths to showcase their products and services, the organizers were expecting to attract over 130,000 international and local visitors.

TSplus Mobile Web Edition had a great success at Computex 2016!

John Davies

TSplus International President

TSplus held a team booth as part of the InnoVEX exhibition, which was focused around innovation and startups. They were proud to present TSplus's latest 9.30 release and its HTML5 Web Application Portal available in English and also in Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean languages.

Although the software market was only marginally represented, TSplus Eastern Asia has had great success with their live demonstration of TSplus Chinese demo server and TSplus International US Cloud hosted server:

•                 Hundreds of visitors a day, including software developers or integrators, seeking for new tools and solutions to integrate to their own software and to promote as part of their products' deployment , but also few distributors of software and Micro PC. It means a high interest for TSplus Web Enabling and Mobile solution during the entire trade show.

•                 About 60% of these visitors were potential partners or customers, was willing to integrate TSplus into their machine or solutions. TSplus wishes to develop these new relationships and is already actively communicating with these strategic contacts.

•                 Most of the visitors were from the APAC area and these good results confirm that TSplus has the powerful assets to extend its market in this region of the world, which is one of the main objective of the Group in terms of Business development.

If you are also curious about what TSplus can bring to you, to your product or to your company, just visit their webpage and discover the numerous features that they can offer to you!

Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager at

About TSplus: TSplus is a privately held company. Since 1996, TSplus is specialized in remote-access technology, continuing to expand its experience and expertise in deployments of all sizes. TSplus is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to Windows Terminal Server (TSE), Remote Desktop Service (RDS) and Citrix. With HTML5, TSplus provides the ultimate solution to web enable Windows applications inside the web browser. TSplus Web Portal is the flexible, scalable and reliable solution for Windows based Cloud Computing and SaaS.

For any questions, comments, suggestions or sales inquiries please send an e-mail to and they will be pleased to answer you.

For information in Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese just visit TSplus Asia web sites:



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