Annke Security is Having a Flash Campaign on Amazon's Gold Box Deals

The Campaign of Annke Security Camera Systems on Amazon's Today's Deals only lasts 24 hours.

Annke Security is Having a Flash Campaign on Amazon's Gold Box Deals

It’s well-known that Amazon picks up the best deals of a day and positions these deals at the top places of Today’s Deals. On May 28, 2019, from 00:01 AM to 12:59 PM PDT, Amazon’s Gold Box Deals is displaying a huge promotion of Annke Security Systems during these 24 hours. Consumers can find Today’s Deals’ page here:

Annke, a global leading provider of home and business security solutions, has been dedicated to research and development of security systems for decades. The development of high-end quality security camera systems is always Annke’s first priority. In this promotion, seven high-end quality bestsellers will be marked at 25% off or more.

5MP PoE Security Camera Systems

The 4K surveillance NVR works with 5MP security cameras to stream 5MP super HD footage onto the smartphone, tablet, and PC. Such high resolution allows seeing far-away faces, packages and everything in stunning clarity. What’s more, unlike CCTV systems, PoE systems only need one ethernet cable to transmit video signal and supply power to the cameras simultaneously. There is no need to connect the security cameras to power adapters, which makes installation easier than ever. Annke is offering two choices here: 4 pcs cameras kit and 8 pcs cameras kit.

Also, a camera system with a premium 5MP analog camera kit is offered here:

Super Cost-Effective 1080P Camera Systems

These are two super cost-effective 1080P camera systems with amazing day & night image quality. These also have customizable motion detection and app/e-mail alert. These two systems would be perfect for DIY enthusiasts or beginners. These systems won’t fail people.

Then a really hot item---wireless IP camera. It works perfectly with Alexa. Just instruct Alexa to show the camera’s live view on the Echo show or Echo spot. It’s a perfect and easy-to-use small baby/pet monitor.

Truly Wireless Camera Systems

The last one is the only one wireless camera system, which streams stunning 1080P HD footage to capture all details. It’s an unimaginable convenience to set up a truly wireless camera system.

The 2-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee is promised.

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