ANNKE Launches Full Upgrade on Security Camera Wires to Top 1 Safe UL-Listed Cables

ANNKE will upgrade its security camera cables to the 100% UL-certified wiring for the whole analog security solutions, providing the fastest & most stable data transmission.

ANNKE today launches its first 100% UL-listed video/power cables — ANNKE W100 UL wiring, and announces the graduate full upgrade to the top 1 safe wires for analog security solutions.

ANNKE is always providing the most high-quality and safest products to customers globally. And the new UL-listed cabling embodies ANNKE’s pursuit of acme of high quality, making sure ANNKE’s products are super safe and secure from the top to the bottom — even just a single cable.

Why Customers Should Upgrade to UL-Certified Cables

ANNKE W100 UL analog video and power cables have endured over 10 severe tests by the Underwriter Laboratories, ensuring the cables are high-quality, super conductive, durable and meet every standard of a security camera wiring.

ANNKE UL cables are waterproof and made from high-quality PVC-45P materials, making sure the cable resistant to weather, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion. The cables can be wired between buildings, buried under the ground or fixed to the walls, just any installation scenario without limitations. The antiflame rating can prevent the spread of fire to protect the cables.

By upgrading the security camera wires to the UL-listed cables, customers can enjoy stable and fast power and data transmission without latency. The strongest compatibility enables the UL cables to work with almost all analog security cameras & systems, including 960H/720p/960p/1080p/3MP/ 4MP/ 5MP AHD/ CVI/ TVI systems, and ANNKE 4K analog security solutions.

In the near future, ANNKE will upgrade all of its security camera cables to the durable and safe UL-certified cables.

Join in ANNKE Giveaway on Top 1 Safe UL Cable

To mark the milestone of the UL wire launch, ANNKE launches a giveaway for the cables to provide a chance for customers to win the cables for free.

10 winners will win the 4-pack 100 ft UL-certified cables. Join in the giveaway here>>

Pricing and Availability

ANNKE W100 UL cables are available on its official online store with the retailing pricing of $38.99 for 4-pack cables.


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