"Angel's Bucket": Aids Decoration and Cleaning When Visiting Loved One's Cemetery Gravesite

​Any time of the week, month or year when one is visiting the gravesite of a loved one is a time of reflection and treasured memories. The loving visit to decorate and show consideration for the loved one can be overwhelming and difficult, particularly when a special item or tool was forgotten at home in the garage or basement. Angel’s Bucket is all one needs when working to beautify a gravesite. It is a self-contained, all-in-one kit for the maintenance and beautification of a gravesite, a headstone or a memorial marker. By including and consolidating all the necessary tools and accessories into one portable watering can style bucket it enables the user to properly care for the final resting place of their loved one. It allows the user to show honor, love and respect to the departed while at the same bring the survivor peace of mind.
Angel’s Bucket provides the needed tools and accessories when making a trip to the cemetery to beautify the gravesite whether it is a headstone or a memorial marker. It’s all contained in a pour-spout bucket that double as a watering can with a 2.5-gallon capacity.  The tools include gloves, rake, brushes, kneeling mat, wash cloth, bottle sprayer and garden shears. The bucket itself comes in a variety of colors and a second version is presented for children keeping them occupied while the parents are decorating the site. This also helps in future years when they are adults because they have the visit to a gravesite engraved on their memories and will continue doing the same.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Angel’s Bucket.
The Patent Pending Angel’s Bucket was invented by Donna Velasco and Suzanne Covington of Pico Rivera, CA who said, “This All-In-One-Kit is important because it doesn’t allow the user to forget the vital implements on the trip to the cemetery and even includes a kneeling pad for the tired legs, bones and knees. Angel’s Bucket has it all and it works.”

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