Angelina's Palace Releases New EIGER Double-Compartment Jewelry Case

​The problem with modern women is that they have too much, not too little. They may have too many clothes that fill the closet, too many jewels that scatter around, too much information to digest, and too many things on the agenda. Angelina’s Palace (AP), a designer, professional maker of jewelry organizers wants to become every woman’s friend and help them get an easier life.

Some girls may face this problem: they buy a small jewelry case first, and continue to buy more necklaces, earrings and rings until their jewelry case becomes too small to hold all these items. They have to buy another jewelry case, leaving their treasures in separate cases. 

Another problem women may face is that they buy a big jewelry case, thinking it could last for many years. But the jewelry case only has a few pockets. They have to put everything in one pocket, leaving their necklaces tangled and earrings missing pieces. Such jewelry case, although big enough to hold many, fails to really organize them.

The AP EIGER Double-Compartment Jewelry Case is the most powerful and functional jewelry organizer you can find in the market. Named after a European town like most other AP products, it comes in nine different patterns at a price of $66. 

Why is EIGER the very box every woman would love?

First, it’s big enough. Let’s see how powerful it is through some numbers. It has two spacious compartments connected with a zipper. It measures 7.5 inches in length, 6 inches in width and 5 inches in height. 

Then, let’s see how functional it is. The Upper space holds 12 earring stays and one ring stay.  Each stay could hold more than one earring or ring. The lower (main) compartment has 12 medium-size pouches and four small-size pouches that are good to store jewelries other than earrings and rings, such as necklaces, bangles, hairbows, etc. 

AP believes that a good jewelry case not only stores, but organizes your jewelries in an easy-to-find way. The EIGER does a good job in this regard. All the pouches and pockets have their own job in storing different jewelry items, and protect them well with see-through PVC covers and flannel fabric to prevent frictions. 

A good jewelry case is also one with style. Like most AP products, the EIGER is made from premium nylon that weighs light, superior wax leather zipper pullers and handles, and coated metal that doesn’t rust.

You can check out AP’s website for more product lines of jewelry cases and hangers of different sizes at

Source: AP Lifestyle & Accessories Inc.