Angelina's Palace Launches New Pages and Online Catalogue

The California-based organizer maker - Angelina's Palace, has just launched new pages and a full product catalogue.

The California-based organizer maker - Angelina’s Palace, has just launched new pages and a full product catalogue.

Angelina’s Palace has been making a lot of changes this year, including issuing new products, launching a new website and boosting its social media presence. This time, it’s revamping its website with improved product images and a digital catalogue featuring photos and in-depth descriptions of each product.

Targeting high-end, quality-conscious consumers looking for better and easier ways to organize their purses, jewelries and cosmetic items, Angelina’s Palace is making every endeavor to better serve its customers.

The high-resolution product pictures will allow shoppers to visually understand AP products inside out, including patterns, sizes and interior pockets, and teach them how to fill the organizers with jewelries and makeups. The posters on the front page will show how these cases and bags look on models or in rooms.

The Catalogue provides a comprehensive list of AP products for a clear navigation. As the brand continues to expand, shoppers may find it hard to locate the organizer they want. With the catalogue, they will be able to see all products on one page, check out pictures, read detail descriptions and select the ones they like more quickly.

Currently, Angelina’s Palace owns 21 product lines and hundreds of jewelry hangers and boxes, makeup cases, purse organizers, hair bow cases, packing cubes and so on.

Angelina’s Palace plans to roll out more features on its website for the best shopping experience. It’s making the website more visually attractive with pictures and videos, and more interactive with subscriptions and a section for blogs.

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Source: AP Lifestyle & Accessories Inc.

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