An Initiative to Grow the Love of Macadamias Has Been Launched in the United States' Most Health-Centric Cities

The consumer campaign, Love Macadamia™, is focused on building awareness, spreading nutritional knowledge, and cultivating a community of avid consumers for this nutritionally delicious superfood.

Love Macadamia Advertising Campaign

The World Macadamia Organisation (WMO), a not-for-profit with an aim of championing the potential of macadamias, recently announced the launch of their new positioning platform and campaign Love Macadamia™, a U.S., consumer-facing initiative intended to grow the love, appreciation and regular consumption of macadamia nuts.

By creating Love Macadamia™, WMO has embarked on a mission to grow the love among consumers in the United States' most health-centric markets and to educate them not just about macadamia nuts' many health benefits but also about the versatility in use for recipe incorporation as well as the truly luxurious taste that lends itself to an elevated eating experience. Love Macadamia™ will connect to consumers through paid media, a wide variety of content marketing, and social media with content focused on nutritional education, recipes, lifestyle inspiration, and of course, unique ways consumers can add them to a well-balanced and active lifestyle. Love Macadamia™ is positioned as the connection point between macadamia growers and consumers as a means to grow the love and consumption of these delightfully distinctive and decadent nuts and to cultivate a community of avid consumers.

"In recent years, macadamia farming has expanded rapidly," explained Jillian Laing, Chief Executive Officer of WMO. "Based on the trees currently planted, the supply is forecasted to double in the next four to five years, and triple in the next eight to 10. Our goal in developing Love Macadamia™ is to generate more awareness and demand in the U.S. market."

Macadamia nuts are a remarkable whole food packed with natural goodness. They are loaded with the "good fats" that our bodies crave. Based on scientific research, polyunsaturated Omega 3 and six fatty acids and monounsaturated Omega 7 and nine fatty acids provide an impressive array of health benefits that can help fight inflammation, lower cholesterol, and promote brain function. You can explore all the benefits of macadamia nuts at or follow the love macadamia™ social media pages on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and Pinterest.

If you are a U.S. retailer, brand owner, or wholesaler who wants to find out about how the Love Macadamia™ campaign can support your sales efforts, please contact WMO at 

The World Macadamia Organisation (WMO), a Singapore-based not-for-profit, was formed in 2021 to develop a global platform that represents the efforts of macadamia growers, manufacturers, and lovers alike. WMO's mission from the onset has been to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of macadamias globally, while stimulating growth, creating demand, and providing the long-term foundation for a strong, sustainable market. 

WMO partnered with New Zealand-based creative agency Milk, and New York-based advertising agency fishbat Media, LLC, to develop the consumer insights, strategy, branding, key messaging that shaped the Love Macadamia™ story.

Michele Hamel, U.S. Marketing Agency Representative

Source: The World Macadamia Organisation

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