An Independent Pharmacy's Recipe for Success: Combine Purchase Power With Billing Optimization

Ingredients: A GPO and An Innovative Technology That Streamlines The Prescription Process

DermSource & EZSCRIPTRx

​​For all independent pharmacy owners, success means you must have the right information and technology to compete. This translates to obtaining competitive drug pricing, combined with intelligent Real-Time Benefits Verification (iRTBV), which will put you in an optimal position to dominate. That strategy took off with the innovative solutions of two fast-growing companies that have come together – DermSource and EZSCRIPTRx.

EZSCRIPTRx is a robust cloud-based prescription verification platform that lets the pharmacy know in real-time: if a script is covered/not covered, whether prior authorization is needed, which medication is the most cost-effective for the patient and pharmacy, and even the copay amount. This helps the pharmacist navigate ever-changing formularies and pricing strategies controlled by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). It also eliminates test billing which PBMs frown upon.

DermSource, located in New York, is the first GPO to be exclusively dedicated to dermatology products. They focus on the distribution of specialized generic pharmaceuticals and are readily accessible with an online purchasing platform. DermSource emerged in 2018 and introduced the independent pharmacy to #TruthInPricing with a membership-based program that fights price hikes and marginalization by putting #PurchasePower back into their hands. Offering reduced pricing on highly sought-after medications and free membership, DermSource now serves over 600 independent pharmacies across 25 states. DermSource is dedicated to giving more to its members and recognizes that helping independent pharmacies, helps the consumer.

Yuriy Davydov, Founder and CEO of DermSource considers this opportunity to be a strategic move for all pharmacies, adding “When a pharmacy can purchase products cost-effectively, reduce transaction fees that line the pockets of PBMs, and optimize the billing process, you are going to see increased profitability for the pharmacy and improved care for the patient. Dustin Tyler, CEO of EZSCRIPTRx, agreed, adding “There isn't just one solution to patient care. It takes a multi-prong approach. Between EZSCRIPTRx and DermSource, we provide the independent pharmacy with impactful solutions that solve many of the issues they face every day. The synergy of our two companies working together offers pharmacies a powerful strategic advantage.”

DermSource and EZSCRIPTRx provide the independent pharmacy owner with the tools and services necessary to improve their bottom line, optimize customer relations, and take an aggressive position in promoting their business. DermSource members can take advantage of an exclusive discount offer. Members interested in EZSCRIPTRx should contact them via their website at and request the DS MEMBER rate, which includes waiving all implementation fees and a savings of $1,500 for the first three months of service.

About DermSource

Full transparency and truth in pricing are the core values of DermSource, the dermatology GPO serving pharmacies across the nation with a purchasing platform for discounted dermatology products. Working with Drug Distributor Accredited (formerly VAWD) wholesalers and distributors, DermSource negotiates on behalf of the pharmacy for competitive pricing. As a progressive organization, DermSource is armed with a mission to help improve the healthcare industry and recognizes that helping independent pharmacies, helps the consumer receive treatment, delivering improved healthcare outcomes. Visit #TruthinPricing #PurchasePower


EZSCRIPTRx is a revolutionary prescription coverage verification platform created specifically for independent pharmacies. Secure and HIPAA compliant, EZSCRIPTRx gives pharmacies access to a patient's detailed insurance coverage information before they suggest or fill a specific medication. This improves the process for all involved: pharmacy, provider, and patient. Pharmacy staff’s ability to choose the right medication as soon as the script arrives with fewer callbacks, dramatically improves fulfillment rates and medication adherence. Patients’ pharmacy experience is vastly improved with: less waiting on substitutions for uncovered or under-covered meds, more choices with lower copays, additional adjunct therapy options, and the best choice of medication for their needs. Providers are confident that when they send a script to that particular pharmacy, chances are high it will be filled with callbacks substantially reduced.



Bahrum Siddiqui​
Chief Operating Officer
Tel: (833) GPO-DERM, (833) 476-3376


Melanie M. Morgan
Chief Marketing Officer
Tel: (805) 222-4631 X4

Source: DermSource

About DermSource

DermSource, the dermatology GPO, serves independent pharmacies across the nation with a purchasing platform for discounted dermatology products. Negotiating on behalf of the pharmacy, DermSource provides a fair and transparent deal. #TruthinPricing

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