AMW's Team Hits the Road for Great Adventures and Knowledge

 The travel bug has hit the AMW team. Recently, select team members were invited to participate in one of the most sought-after events of the year, the R&R retreat. Others will be gearing up for the national conference next month.

“Travel is one of the decided perks of working at AMW,” stated the President. “We have effectively incorporated this into our reward and recognition package.”

Recently, team members who met specific milestones participated in the company’s annual R&R retreat in Las Vegas. “Each year, we head to somewhere that’s exciting and fun,” the President explained. “Having the event in Las Vegas was a great experience for our associates who were selected to attend. There’s so much to do there if you’re always on the go, as well as plenty of opportunities to unwind and recharge in the arid sun by the wonderful resort pools.”

As the President noted, many influential industry leaders are present at this retreat, which provides associates with a chance to build their professional networks further to include these key players. “This event attracts the best and the brightest from all regions. It’s a true honor to be selected.”

The next event on deck is the quarterly national conference. “This function is dedicated to intense knowledge sharing,” he revealed. “We select individuals who are destined to grow with our firm to participate in this opportunity.”

The national conferences are designed to introduce associates to the latest marketing techniques, as well as discuss best practices and tips that have been successful throughout the country. “We send our associates with the intent that they will return to the office ready to share the information they’ve obtained and teach these new methods to their colleagues. Overall, everyone wins!”

AMW’s President Discusses the Benefits of Travel Rewards and Team Impact

As the AMW President elaborated, the company has a rich history of incorporating travel into the reward plan for each associate. “We set individual goals for our team members, as well as team-based objectives,” he explained. “One of the incentives for reaching or exceeding goals is the opportunity to go on a trip.”

The President continued, sharing that having team members travelling together solidifies their bonds. “When people can share new experiences together, it helps them grow in their relationships, whether it’s work or personal,” he said. “They develop more trust and view each other from perspectives not normally seen in the office environment. It takes team bonding to new levels.”                                               

“I’m pleased to work for a company that continues to offer such a generous reward for hard work,” he concluded. “It’s a rarity in today’s workplace, and yet I believe it contributes to our firm’s overall success in the long run.”

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