Ampronix Announces Availability of LG 8MP / 4K Clinical Review Display Monitor

Ampronix is expanding its line of offered displays with the newest 8MP clinical monitor from LG Electronics. On display at FIME 2017 #B. J19

LG 4K 8MP Clinical Review Display Monitor

Ampronix is expanding its line of offered displays with the newest 8MP clinical monitor from LG Electronics. Ampronix will be promoting the monitor at the upcoming FIME 2017 summer trade fair in Florida. As a leader in the medical imaging field, Ampronix sees LG's advanced medical monitors as key elements of their growing product portfolio, bringing customers a new level of performance.

LG's new 8mp 4k Clinical Review Monitor

"LG's latest clinical display has really impressed us in regards to the image quality and overall durability."

Michael Thomas, Director of Marketing @ Ampronix

The LG 8MP Clinical Monitor 27HJ712CS-W is a 27-inch display that offers outstanding picture quality while boasting an impressive 178 degree wide viewing angle Thanks to LG's In-plane switching (IPS) technology. This 4K monitor delivers 3840x2160 pixels, and aids in discerning minute details in analysis compared to dull, blurred regions in conventional monitors. The LG clinical review monitor is compliant with DICOM Part 14, ensuring the most accurate and consistent shading in grayscale imagery.

Additionally, the color gamut covers over 99% of the sRGB color space for the most vibrant depiction of color without shift. Other features include low input lag, quick response times, and a dynamic sync mode that allows the monitor to receive signals quickly and display images without distortion.

Stephen Hu, head of commercial monitors for LG Electronics USA Business Solutions, said, "As a worldwide leader in the premium display industry, we are confident that LG medical imaging devices like our clinical and surgical monitors will help medical professionals improve the accuracy, quality, and efficiency of their procedures."

Brightness stabilization is an essential feature of the LG clinical monitor. The backlit brightness stability sensor auto adjusts for variations caused by aging images, certifying consistent and reliable images throughout usage. Lastly, the Flicker Safe and Reader Modes ensure surgeons work comfortably by lessening eye fatigue through the elimination of on-screen flickers and harmful blue light.

Coming August 2017

Ampronix is pleased to highlight its collaboration with LG Business Solutions at the FIME 2017 conference, August 8-10 in Orlando, Florida. Described as 'The Largest Medical Trade Fair Across the Americas,' this trade fair is an annual must-see with over 1,650 exhibitors from over 40 countries. This year, FIME is introducing a laboratory zone with access to over 160 dedicated medical lab products and services from China, Germany, Korea, and various others. FIME also provides CME accredited conferences and seminars open to all attendees.

Michael Thomas, Director of Marketing at Ampronix, says he is excited to work with LG at the upcoming FIME conference to showcase their new monitor. "LG's latest clinical display has really impressed us in regards to the image quality and overall durability," stated Thomas. To experience the functionality of these displays in person, contact Michael Thomas with Ampronix at, or visit their booth at FIME 2017, booth #B.J19.

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