Ampersand Associates Travel for Organic Skills Training

​​Leaders at Ampersand Associates recently traveled to Dallas, Texas to attend a weekend conference. The focus of the convention was on growth strategies and learning how to build an organic skill set. 

Travel opportunities are important to the Ampersand Associates team. Not only are they used as rewards for achievement, they allow the firm’s business consultants to develop their leadership abilities and learn more about their industry. Recently Jessica, the company’s Director of Operations, traveled to a weekend conference focused on building skills and creating growth.

“My admin and I went to Dallas to learn new coaching tactics to help build an organic skill set,” stated Jessica. “In the next three months we are really pushing to increase our growth in leaders and show counts, and knowing how to encourage our business consultants to develop natural strengths will be a crucial part of a successful expansion.” 

Some business leaders believe that educational trips like the Dallas seminar are wastes of resources; after all, the internet can provide any information a conference would provide. Jessica has a different perspective though, believing that weekend getaways provide benefits that can’t be found in any other way. 

“Perhaps the most valuable benefit of the Dallas trip was the chance to network with industry leaders from across the nation,” Jessica shared. “There is no substitute for meeting people I admire face to face, and that’s an encounter that I’ll never get online. Also, to expand on a theme from the weekend, it’s impossible to recreate the organic experience of a late-night breakout session or sitting down with three influencers over breakfast. Weekends like this are not cheap, but for these and many other reasons I consider them worthwhile investments.” 

How Ampersand Associates’ Director Plans to Move Forward

After returning from the weekend in Dallas, Jessica has seen a measurable difference in performance. “The mentality of our entire office has changed and gotten a lot stronger,” she said. This increase in efficiency and productivity comes at a perfect time for Ampersand Associates, as the firm has been experiencing steady growth for some time. 

“We have been expanding into new territories and have seen our recruiting efforts pay off handsomely,” Jessica declared. “We are now fully engaged in the process of developing business consultants who are excited about the opportunity that Ampersand Associates represents. The next business quarter is certain to be full of exciting growth for our company and our people!”

About Ampersand Associates:

Ampersand Associates is a recognized leader in the marketing and consulting services field. It’s known for making product promotion a riveting experience. Through dynamic outreach campaigns, the firm’s team members capture buyer attention and forge bonds that last. People can’t help but spread the word about the brand messages they receive from the firm’s promotional specialists. Ampersand Associates’ methods consistently establish businesses in new markets. With training and coaching programs that equip every individual with the knowledge and skills to excel, there are no limits to what they can accomplish. Learn more at


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