Amp Exposure Leaders Attend Leadership Conference in Dallas

​High achievers from Amp Exposure recently traveled to Texas to attend an invitation-only leadership event. The firm’s Director believes travel opportunities are important for growth, enhancing goals, and training.

“The leadership conference we just attended in Dallas was, I believe, the best one so far,” declared Amp Exposure’s Director of Operations. “I traveled with two of our top leaders – Kayla M. and Stephanie W. – who have set great examples for the rest of the team to follow.”

Both Kayla and Stephanie have been promoted into management roles at Amp Exposure, and more importantly, they have continued to grow. According to the Director, they are consistent and always use the available training resources to get better. On top of that, they are selfless when it comes to helping their colleagues succeed.

"I'm very proud of the fact that travel is such an integral part of the Amp Exposure experience."

Director of Operations

“I’m very proud of the fact that travel is such an integral part of the Amp Exposure experience,” the Director stated. “I believe it’s one of the most powerful ways to expand someone’s horizons. This is certainly what happened for both Stephanie and Kayla at the leadership conference.”

During the weekend, attendees were invited to attend workshops with business leaders and project managers to enhance their skill sets. Also, there were ample opportunities to meet up with other industry influencers, and even chances to see what new products Amp Exposure would be helping to launch in the next six to 12 months.

The Importance of Travel to Amp Exposure Professionals

“Even though we had a lot of fun at the leadership conference, it was definitely a business trip,” the Amp Exposure Director explained. “There are measurable outcomes that I look for when I take a group of people to such an event.”

Evidence of personal and professional growth must exist after the conference ends, the Director asserted, along with loftier objectives for performance. These are determined by sitting down with attendees both during and after the weekend to find out what they learned and how it impacted their thinking. The Director also wants to see her teammates come back from a weekend like this ready to share information and train coworkers in any new best practices.

“I feel this leadership conference was a wise investment based on what I saw there and the results I observed in Stephanie and Kayla,” Amp Exposure’s Director confirmed. “They grew a lot more as people and business leaders because of who they met, the relationships they developed, and the seminars they attended. The seminars, by the way, were fantastic. They directly related to our everyday goals back in the office. Not only did we gain value by attending, but the training we brought back has added value to our office as well.” 

Thanks to the positive outcomes of previous travel opportunities, the Director is enthusiastic about several upcoming trips too. “We haven’t decided who is going yet, but at least one associate will qualify for a cross-training opportunity in Michigan. Also, there will be a chance to visit Tampa and a location in North Carolina as well. Qualifying for these trips should be a top goal for every Amp Exposure team member.”

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