Amp Exposure Hires Summer Interns and New Team Members

​Amp Exposure’s Director of Operations detailed the firm’s internship program and the requirements for taking part. She also discussed the company’s emphasis on customized coaching.

“We’re ready to bring in a new crop of summer interns to Amp Exposure,” stated Greyson, the firm’s Director of Operations. “When we welcome college students and recent graduates into our office, we provide them with hands-on training that prepares them for any professional challenge. We take the concepts they learned in the university classroom and put them into real-world context.”

Qualified candidates for the Amp Exposure internship program should have outstanding customer service and organizational skills. Some event management experience is preferred. Graduates should have degrees in marketing, public relations, or similar fields. The program requires 30 hours of work per week and local travel.

"When we welcome college students and recent graduates into our office, we provide them with hands-on training that prepares them for any professional challenge."


Director of Operations

The firm’s Jumpstart Entrepreneur Program also enhances the intern experience. This approach to development gives participants a wide-ranging education and allows them to move between various departments. The Director remarked, “We help new hires and interns discover new ways of testing markets for brands and how to translate strategies into high ROI for the companies we represent.”

Along with these focal points, the Amp Exposure training program bolsters communication skills and helps burgeoning professionals understand how to handle themselves in a busy work environment. There is also a strong emphasis on building and managing successful teams.

Amp Exposure’s Director Discusses the Firm’s Emphasis on Coaching

Personalized coaching is a major aspect of the Jumpstart Entrepreneur Program. Interns and new additions to the team work with existing associates to learn about Amp Exposure’s vision and values. Greyson added, “We help students, recent grads, and new hires develop rapport with customers, businesses, and other members of our team. From the very beginning of their time with our company, people enjoy fast-paced journeys of learning and discover what it takes to excel.”

The Director also detailed the knowledge that Amp Exposure interns and associates have at their disposal. She explained, “The main reason we prioritize coaching is the fact that our seasoned performers have so many valuable insights to share. As our company has grown, we have learned that there’s no substitute for one-to-one education. We match every new addition to our team with someone who’s already learned the ropes. The results have been encouraging to say the least, and we continue to sharpen our approach to professional information transfer.”

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