Amidst the Pandemic, One Business Rises to the Rescue for Ethnic Grocers and Restaurants is slowly and successfully transforming access to an authentic South Asian culinary experience

​Quicklly is slowly and successfully transforming access to an authentic South Asian culinary experience. In a world grappling with the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic, businesses in and around Chicago have not left unscathed. Quicklly has proved to be a glowing exception to this rule. Over the last few years, it has been steadily growing its presence with South Asian grocery stores and restaurants in and around Chicago. However, it was the pandemic that catapulted this online startup to the front row of digital transformation in an industry that is fully brick-and-mortar and completely offline. 

In a recent company analysis, Quicklly has realized five times growth in business since the start of the pandemic, now reporting a total customer base of over 20,000+ users and 65 local vendors including the likes of Kamdar PlazaFresh Farms, and Indiaco who are local favorites in Chicago for South Asian food ingredients and flavors. 

What businesses understood once the graveness of the pandemic hit and business was severely affected is that there needs to be a different way to reach out to their customers,” pointed out Quicklly's Co-Founders.“The general thought was if they can’t come to us, then we need to be able to get to them, and naturally, vice versa. Quicklly was able to come in and provide them an easy-to-use platform to connect with one another and fill this significant gap in the market,” he proudly remarked. 

The genius of Quicklly is the knowledge that flavors and ingredients from back home are irreplaceable for South Asian​ households. Historically, one would pick the weekends to make a trip down to their favorite Indian/Pakistani store to get a monthly fix of unique products that would otherwise be unavailable. Quicklly now brings these store owners a platform to sell their products directly to these customers, adapting to their lifestyles and offering them the ease of ordering online without having to wait for the weekends. Early adopters of the platform, like Mr. Kamdar, owner of Kamdar Plaza, an Indian grocery store in Chicago, has raved about how catastrophic the pandemic could have been if they didn’t have Quicklly offer rescue. Other partner stores of Quicklly are reporting a 20% growth in overall stores revenues through their e-commerce channel with Quicklly.

Quicklly now also has 50+ local Indian restaurants on their platform, delivering Indian food exclusively to customer’s doorstep. Rooh- A swanky Indian restaurant serving delicious Indian food, Momo Factory- Authentic Nepalese Restaurant in Chicago and Bombay Garden (rated Best Indian Food in Newark, CA) are all available to order in from with Quicklly. 

The latest additions to Quicklly’s unique offerings are Tiffin or Dabba services and Meal Plans. With robust plans in place to keep up with their fast growth, when asked what’s next, the founders were prompt to respond, “We want to be able to cater to the needs of the South Asian community across the USA.” They added, “Over the next few months, we look forward to extending our network of vendor partners exponentially.”

Quicklly presently services Chicago, Naperville, Schaumburg, Pittsburgh and the San Francisco Bay Area and is available both as a web platform and IOS app. The company is set to launch its Android app soon. To help new customers get started, Quicklly is also offering welcome offers for its new customers; get $10 OFF $50 on your first order. Use coupon code -QUICKLLYAPP.

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Source: Quicklly Inc

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