America's Job Exchanges Announces the Launch of the AJE Diversity Network

Redefining Diversity Recruitment

America’s Job Exchange (AJE), the leading Diversity Recruitment and OFCCP compliance solution provider, announced the release of the AJE Diversity Network, a robust job publishing and promotion engine designed to help organizations drive quality candidates to their jobs with a focus on significantly increasing diversity talent entering their recruitment pipeline.

The AJE Diversity Network includes a broad range of partner sites, local outlets and targeted channels in which leverages multiple years of candidate tracking data to boost job visibility with programmatic advertising to strategically engage the right candidates at the right time and in the right places.  By expanding an organization’s efforts beyond conventional sites and networks and tapping into niche communities and local markets, AJE is exposing companies to the diverse talent they need to gain a competitive business advantage.

AJE's President, Bill Fanning commented, "This brings a whole new twist to the current 'generic push,' of job postings to the same core sites. Diversity Recruitment now becomes audience-focused, not site-focused."

Bill Fanning, President, America's Job Exchange

Combining over a decade of diversity recruitment expertise with proven data-driven technology, AJE is able intelligently publish and promote our customer’s jobs on a mix of relevant sites. This allows us to calibrate job placements in real-time to focus on the channels that capture the best candidates and drive efficiencies in spend.

AJE’s President, Bill Fanning commented, “This brings a whole new twist to the current ‘generic push,’ of job postings to the same core sites. Diversity Recruitment now becomes audience-focused, not site-focused.”

“Organizations understand that you cannot continue to fish for talent in the same pond and at the same time complain about a lack of talent,” commented Torin Ellis, Principal, the torin ellis brand and leading diversity and inclusion advocate, “You have to reach outside of your traditional areas of recruitment so that you can continue building better teams.”

To achieve the best diversity recruitment results, companies must try different approaches and use new, innovative solutions.  AJE is uniquely positioned to maximize job distribution channels via our AJE Diversity Network to reach candidates with a diversity of skills, experiences, cultures, backgrounds and abilities. With this solution, AJE customers have already experienced almost a 400% aggregate increase in customer views and conversions.

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America’s Job Exchange is on a mission to redefine how diversity recruitment and OFCCP compliance programs are delivered. AJE has supported thousands of employers in these two key areas for over the past decade, and prior to this was a government-initiated platform to bring employment opportunities to candidates in need. For the past decade, AJE has been the first choice for employers and job seekers looking for valuable resources and a trusted partner in diversity recruitment solutions.

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