American Soccer Dream is now available

American Soccer Dream, a novel by Ken Jones, is now available on Lulu.

American Soccer Dream: A Novel by Ken Jones
Fiction: 625 pages
Avaiable Now
ISBN: Pending

After a moderately successful performance by the United States in the 2010 World Cup, Ramon Estrada has a goal. That is for the United States to truly compete at the highest levels of the game for the world's greatest prize.

A career soccer man -- a player, coach, federation offical and administrator -- Estrada calls upon all his worldwide contacts to assist in this endeavor.

Ultimately, he is joined by his childhood friend Rick Johnson and the two men band together to rework and remake the national team. Together they work to analyze the program, identify what is and is not working, find additional sources of funding, locate additional talented athletes, create new methods of training the team, redefine the structure of the program and refine the manner in which the national team competes on the worldwide stage.

Join Ramon, Rick and all the players as they get to know one another, train and work together and then travel the world completing against the best teams in the world in their quest to prepare themselves for 2014. It's not always an easy journey, they fight through legal hurdles, doubters, accidents, team crisis and even death. But, they never lose sight of their goal and work tirelessly to continually improve.

Travel along with the new-look American squad as they seek to take the world by storm at the World Cup in Brazil.

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