American Soccer Dream Now Available On The IBookstore

The ISBN for this version of American Soccer Dream, the iBookstore, is 978-1-4659-1136-0.

Fiction author Ken Jones has announced the release of his new book, "American Soccer Dream" in e-book distribution now on the IBookStore. The ISBN for this version of American Soccer Dream is 978-1-4659-1136-0.

An American Soccer Dream story kicks off, so to speak, in 2010. For the next four years, ending in 2014, it walks through the process of retooling the United States National Soccer Program. Not unlike the challenges faced by the US Soccer Program today, the novel looks for ways to use many resources -- such as untapped talent pools, many underutilized ethnic soccer clubs, information technology and an outstanding sports marketer - via the efforts of two likelong friends - who working incessently to implement their vision for the United States senior program.

The novel, An American Soccer Dream, describes the US Men's National Soccer Team's exploits, traveling the streets of America and beyond, detailing efforts to raise an organization to new heights, and winding their way throughout North and Central America before the team's journey ultimately concludes at the World Cup Finals in Brazil in the June of 2014. But as the players and coaches travel this road together -- something even more special is sparked -- a spirit and kinship of family which brings together this set of diverse human beings.

The author, Ken Jones, works in the software industry and is a devotee of soccer, hockey and soccer. He is married to Mila Jones. Ken and Mila are blessed with a terrific son Matthew. The family resides in Central New Jersey. Ken is the author of the American Soccer Blog.

Follow the exploits of players recruited from across the United States, from all walks of life, and they and their coaches grow and bond together in an effort to accomplish something both remarkable and special.