AMAX to Showcase Next Generation Security Appliance Technology at RSA Conference 2017

AMAX, a leading provider of OEM appliance manufacturing solutions for ISVs and security startups, today announced it will be showcasing its cutting-edge security appliance technology at the RSA Conference 2017 (Booth#722), held in  the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA between February 13th and 16th.

AMAX will be unveiling advanced security features developed for the next generation of on-premise server appliances. These include fully customizable interactive microcontroller–powered bezels featuring TFT display and touchscreen options, FIPS compliance kits, and GPU/FPGA and SED drive-ready platforms. Any and all of these technologies can be integrated into AMAX-manufactured appliances to create unique high-performance, tamperproof platforms to support leading security software applications.

"As threats get more advanced, we aim to continually provide our partners with the most secure and cutting edge technologies to support their product deployment models,"

Dr. Rene Meyer, Director of Product Development

AMAX also announces new upgrades to its cutting edge OEM Design Lab. With the addition of laser cutting and 3D printing capabilities, AMAX can provide rapid prototyping of bezels and custom parts, adding to the company’s ability to take products from concept to prototype in as little as 30 days. When combined with AMAX’s field-proven New Product Introduction (NPI) Program, AMAX can give its partners a serious time to market advantage for product development, while ensuring all new products are stable, customer-ready, and can be produced with ultimate consistency and quality at any scale.

“As threats get more advanced, we aim to continually provide our partners with the most secure and cutting edge technologies to support their product deployment models,” said Dr. Rene Meyer, Director of Product Development, AMAX. “Whether they are integrating GPUs for facial recognition on surveillance devices, or want a ‘smart’ bezel with unique design and custom features to perform black-box system maintenance, we continue to evolve our technologies to meet the demands and challenges of the cyber-security industry.” 

As a full-cycle OEM appliance manufacturing partner, AMAX offers a comprehensive menu of services around product development, validation, global manufacturing, logistics and support. Headquartered in Fremont, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley, AMAX prides itself in producing the highest quality, Made-in-the-USA products.

To learn why leading security companies choose AMAX as their product development and appliance manufacturing partner, please visit or visit Booth #722 at the RSA Conference.

Source: AMAX


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