AMAX to Showcase HPC-Optimized DCIM Software for Heterogeneous Data Centers at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference 2017

AMAX, a leading manufacturer of High-Performance Computing solutions, Deep Learning platforms and dynamic Data Center solutions, today announced it is showcasing the [SMART]DC Data Center Manager Software and Appliance at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference on Dec. 4–7 in Las Vegas.

AMAX [SMART]DC Data Center Manager is the premier out-of-band DCIM solution for the modern-day heterogeneous data center. Built on a robust and field-proven software platform, the suite seamlessly manages legacy and white-box platforms using a single pane of glass, whether through a user-friendly GUI, command line or integration into existing software via API with zero code change needed.

[SMART]DC Data Center Manager is designed to protect your investment through monitoring and managing power-dense infrastructures, especially those relying on compute-intensive solutions.

Rene Meyer, VP of Technology, AMAX

As more GPU-integrated platforms move into data centers, [SMART]DC incorporates the capability of remote monitoring, managing and orchestrating GPU-based hardware alongside compute and storage hardware. For power-dense HPC and Deep Learning deployments, where real-time system health is critical to ensure uninterrupted operation, [SMART]DC not only provides insights of real-time temperature fluctuation, power consumption, capacity planning and server under- and over-utilization, but features fully automated policy-based server orchestration to maximize server health and data center power and efficiency management.

AMAX will feature [SMART]DC fully integrated at Booth #609 with the [SMART]Rack turnkey cluster. Designed plug-and-play and fully loaded, the [SMART]Rack, with compute, storage, backup power and management tiers all in one enclosure, is ready to drop into any data center. Variations of [SMART]Rack solutions include [SMART]Rack AI featuring NVIDIA GPUs for large-scale deep learning inference and data analytics and [SMART]Rack VM for virtual desktop infrastructure.

Mounted to the top of the rack, [SMART]DC manages all components inside the rack, including switches, CPU and GPU-based compute, storage and in-rack backup battery — to maintain server health, maximize hardware and rack space utilization and release stranded installed cooling and power capacity. Results are reduced CAPEX and OPEX, minimized TCO and maximized power savings to as much as 30 percent.

Other key benefits of the [SMART]DC include:

  • Out-Of-Band Management: Communication is agentless through the BMC management port, independent of server OS. Does not consume CPU resources or interfere with applications.
  • Virtual KVM: Administer, provision and diagnose servers from anywhere through remote KVM.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Track real-time server activity, power consumption and thermal trends. Gain insights needed for data center power and efficiency management and future capacity planning without having to rely on additional sensors or meters.
  • Integrated Health Monitoring: Detect, locate and identify server health issues. Receive alerts for over-cooling and hot spots of data room before they become incidents to improve uptime.
  • Security: Set user and group privileges for access control and rights management.
  • Density: Maximize server count per rack based on power consumption analytics to improve rack space efficiency.
  • Power Savings: Automatically flag idle and underutilized servers for consolidation or repurposing.
  • Call Home Ready: Supports add-on embedded service notification feature for AMAX hardware to expedite break/fix services.

“As computing systems continuously achieve higher performance, we need more powerful management tools to ensure workload and resource efficiency,” said Rene Meyer, VP of Technology, AMAX. “[SMART]DC Data Center Manager is designed to protect your investment through monitoring and managing power-dense infrastructures, especially those relying on compute-intensive solutions. Features like policy-based power and resource management are critical to keep infrastructures healthy, to ensure uptime, resource efficiency and maximum return on investment.”

[SMART]DC was developed to empower companies with the insight and control to achieve three major objectives — significant cost savings through more efficient use of IT, maximize density within usable data center space and to give facility operations an intelligent tool to operate and scale highly efficient data centers by leveraging advances in data analytics and software-defined policies.

To learn more about [SMART]DC Data Center Manager, please visit AMAX Gartner Data Center Infrastructure & Operation Management Conference Booth #609 or

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