AMAX to Exhibit Groundbreaking HPC and Deep Learning Systems at SC17

AMAX, a leading manufacturer of High-Performance Computing solutions, Deep Learning platforms and dynamic Data Center solutions, today announced it is showcasing its HPC and Deep Learning systems at SuperComputing 2017 (booth #1586) on Nov. 13-16, 2017, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

AMAX will be featuring at its booth the NVIDIA® HGX-1 Hyperscale GPU Accelerator platform for AI and Deep Learning Cloud Computing. The reference architecture features eight NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs, interconnected with the NVLink™ hybrid cube, offering revolutionary performance with unprecedented configurability. The powerful platform is designed to work seamlessly in existing data centers around the world, offering hyperscale facilities a quick, simple path to AI and Deep Learning development.

AMAX's solutions around the V100 will help customers move these applications out of R&D and into large-scale and hyperscale production environments.

Paresh Kharya, Group Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

AMAX is also proud to announce that its HPC and Deep Learning product lines are currently available with the latest Volta architecture-based NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerator, which features 3x the deep learning performance compared to its predecessor. Solutions available with the Tesla V100 include:

DL-E Deep Learning Platforms: AMAX’s award-winning line of Deep Learning Server platforms feature high-compute density in a variety of form factors from 1U to 4U, and up to 8 GPUs within a single enclosure. All DL-E platforms come pre-bundled with NVIDIA DIGITS and the latest versions of major Deep Learning frameworks.

MATRIX Deep-Learning-in-a-Box Solutions: The MATRIX, powered by Bitfusion Flex, features a full line of workstation and server platforms designed to work independently or can pool local and remote GPU resources to dynamically allocate to multiple users or jobs. The MATRIX offers containerized AI environments featuring the latest DL and data science libraries, enabling data scientists to start developing models within minutes. The MATRIX is the most flexible and user-friendly solution for building a DLaaS or on-premise Deep Learning cloud infrastructure.

[SMART]Rack AI Machine Learning Cluster: The [SMART]Rack AI is a turnkey Machine Learning cluster featuring 96x GPUs for over 10 PFLOPS of tensor operations per rack when populated with Tesla V100 GPUs. Delivered plug-and-play and fully loaded, the solution features All-Flash storage for an ultra-fast in-rack data repository, 25G high-speed networking, [SMART]DC Data Center Manager and an in-rack battery for graceful shutdown in power loss scenarios.

NVIDIA DGX Systems: The NVIDIA DGX-1™ and DGX Station are purpose-built, turnkey AI supercomputers in server and workstation form factors, designed to significantly accelerate AI workflows.

To address today’s challenges with managing and maintaining the uptime of compute-dense GPU-driven hardware in the data center, AMAX will be providing live demos of the [SMART]DC Data Center Manager (DCIM) at the booth. Designed as a premiere out-of-band DCIM software, the [SMART]DC is HPC-optimized to remotely monitor, manage and orchestrate GPU-based deployments where real-time temperature, power and system health is particularly crucial to ensure uninterrupted operation.

“As computing systems continuously achieve higher performance, we need more powerful management tools to ensure workload and resource efficiency,” said Rene Meyer, VP of Technology, AMAX. “[SMART]DC Data Center Manager is designed to protect your investment through monitoring and managing power-dense infrastructures, especially those relying heavily on GPUs. Features like policy-based power and resource management are critical to infrastructures running Deep Learning and HPC workloads to ensure uptime, resource efficiency and maximum return on investment.”

“NVIDIA Tesla’s unprecedented compute power for HPC and deep learning applications lets enterprises accelerate development and delivery of cutting-edge supercomputing and real-time analytics applications,” said Paresh Kharya, Group Product Marketing Manager at NVIDIA. “AMAX’s solutions around the V100 will help customers move these applications out of R&D and into large-scale and hyperscale production environments.”

As an Elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network Program, AMAX is stringent in providing cutting-edge technologies, delivering enhanced, energy-efficient performance for the Deep Learning and HPC industries featuring NVIDIA Tesla V100, P100, P40 GPU accelerators and NVIDIA DGX systems. AMAX is now accepting orders and consultations for the Tesla V100-integrated systems. Contact AMAX or visit to learn more about AMAX and the current SC17 discount program on Tesla V100-based systems.

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AMAX is an award-winning global leader in application-tailored data center, HPC and Deep Learning solutions designed towards highest efficiency and optimal performance. Recognized by several industry awards, including First Place at ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge, AMAX aims to provide cutting-edge solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Whether you are a Fortune 1000 company seeking significant cost savings through better efficiency for your global data centers, or you’re a software startup seeking an experienced manufacturing partner to design and launch your flagship product, AMAX is your trusted solutions provider, delivering the results you need to meet your specific metrics for success. 

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