AMAX Launches [SMART] DC Data Center Manager

The Premier Out-Of-Band DCIM Solution for the Modern Day High-Efficiency Data Center

AMAX, a leading manufacturer of dynamic Data Center and Cloud Computing solutions, today announced the release of [SMART]DC Data Center Manager, the premier out-of-band DCIM solution for the modern day heterogeneous data center. [SMART]DC empowers data centers to achieve cost savings through better efficiency.

As today’s enterprises continue to adopt cloud services and process data at an unprecedented rate, the increasing demand for compute resources requires more effective means of resource management. [SMART] DC was developed to empower companies with the insight and control to achieve three major objectives— achieve significant cost savings through more efficient use of IT, data center space, and facilities resources; better and more easily monitor, manage, and operate large-scale resources within their data centers; and scale with the highest energy and operational efficiency utilizing advanced data analytics and software-defined policies.

[SMART]DC Data Center Manager is deployed as a plug & play on-premise server appliance. It features a robust and field-proven software engine that seamlessly manages legacy and white-box platforms using a single pane of glass, whether through a user-friendly GUI, command line or integration into an existing GUI via exposed API. It is designed to work with all major server brands, including traditional server architectures and next generation platforms such as Open Compute (OCP).

Key features such as policy-based power/resource management and advanced analytics will empower data center operators to make data-driven decisions, optimizing operations and achieving up to 30% in power savings.

Other key [SMART] DC Data Center Manager features include:

Monitoring, Trending and Controlling

§  Universal: Compatible across all major server platforms including OCP technology.

§  Reporting: Track real-time server activity, power consumption, and thermal trends.

§  Health Monitoring: Identify server health issues.

§  Security: Set user and group privileges for access control and rights management.

§  Density: Increase density per rack based on power consumption analytics.

§  Call Home: Supports add-on embedded service notification feature.

Power Savings

§  Ghost Busting: Reduce unnecessary power draw by identifying underutilized servers

§  Workload Balancing: Eliminate overutilization of servers through workload redistribution

Virtual KVM

§  Remote KVM: Administer, provision and diagnose servers remotely.

Dashboard, Command Line and API Access

§  Web GUI: Intuitive and configurable dashboard.

§  Command Line Interface (CLI): Access all functions via command line.

§  API Access: Exposure of all API features for integration into your existing GUI.

“Working with companies running large, global data centers, we started seeing similar pain points. They needed to be able to operate and scale without the cost and complexity of their operations getting out of hand, and they needed a way to streamline management for better control,” said Dr. Rene Meyer, Director of Product Development, AMAX. “We developed [SMART]DC to be a crucial component of the next generation, highly-efficient data center. Whether you come from legacy hardware, whether you want to move to white box or OCP, if you want to run significantly more efficiently and really save on operational overhead, a universal and intelligent management software is the key.”

To learn more about AMAX SMART] DC Data Center Manager, please visit or contact AMAX.

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