AMAX Launches AI and DL Optimized Server Platform at CVPR 2018

AMAX, a leading manufacturer of high-performance servers for AI and Deep Learning development, announces the launch of the DL-E48A, a reconfigurable single/dual root high-density GPU platform designed for AI training and inference. AMAX will be showcasing the highly anticipated solution at CVPR 2018 (Booth #304), to be held at Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 19-21, 2018.

The DL-E48A is a high-performance, high-density 8x GPU server platform with first-in-industry remote-configurable single and dual PCIe root complex architectures, enabling ease of hardware optimization for AI and DL training, inference, HPC compute, rendering and virtualization. The platform supports the latest generation of NVIDIA Tesla Volta V100 32GB HBM2 GPU, Mellanox EDR Infiniband and Intel Omnipath fabric to process largest datasets for the most demanding AI and DL applications. Utilizing Intel’s Scalable Processor Architecture, the system provides a 56 percent increase in memory bandwidth and a 54 percent bandwidth increase for communication between CPUs (UPI) compared to platforms featuring the previous Intel Processor generation. NVME storage options are available with the DL-E48A, removing storage bottlenecks for ultra-fast data performance.

The DL-E48A’s software-configurable PCIe architecture allows IT organizations to remotely change the PCIe hardware topology between single and dual root complex architectures in order to optimize machine and cluster performance for specific workloads. Single root complex architectures are ideal for reducing GPU to GPU memory copy latency for improved performance of GPU-intensive DL workloads. Dual root complex architectures offer better performance for CPU-intensive applications and parallel computing tasks. The DL-E48A combines the benefits of both architectures into a single server to give organizations the ultimate versatility using a single platform.

“Many AI organizations in the development phase are faced with deciding whether or when single root or dual root complex best suits their applications,” said Dr. Rene Meyer, VP of technology, AMAX. “With the DL-E48A, you have a system capable of both, providing companies the ability to test their applications against both architectures to derive best performance. For organizations running multiple applications, the DL-E48A’s versatility means being able to configure the root complex architecture on demand or even remotely via software, giving them a single platform that can be well-suited for a wide range of applications.”

The DL-E48A is a platform of choice for AI development as well as large to hyperscale deployments, and is available for purchase as server units or designed into rackscale solutions and networked clusters.

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