AMAX Ireland Achieves NVIDIA Preferred Partner Status

AMAX Ireland Certified to Provide GPU-Accelerated Solutions for Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing

AMAX Engineering Corporation

AMAX, a global provider of NVIDIA GPU solutions, announced today that its Ireland organization has achieved Preferred Partner status in NVIDIA’s solution provider partner program, part of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN). Located in Shannon, Ireland, AMAX is dedicated to serving the European market with cutting-edge high-density GPU servers, GPU clusters and GPU workstations for high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI)/deep learning applications.

As an NVIDIA Preferred Partner, AMAX Ireland has verified its technical proficiency in designing and supporting NVIDIA technology and is able to support its European customers with the latest and greatest technology releases, technical support and competitive pricing to provide world-class solutions and services.

“AMAX is responding to the increasing demand for experienced GPU solutions providers, particularly those technically proficient in guiding companies through an AI development strategy,” said Denis O’Shea, head of commercial affairs, AMAX Ireland. “Becoming an NPN Preferred Partner builds on AMAX’s established global reputation as a leader in AI and HPC solutions, ensuring our customer base in Ireland and throughout Europe has access to the latest enterprise technologies.”

"AI is at the heart of business transformation, driving growth and increased demand for deep learning expertise throughout Europe,” says Richard Jackson, head of EMEA partner organization, NVIDIA. “AMAX’s proficiency in supporting AI initiatives through technical expertise and high-performance solutions featuring NVIDIA Tesla GPUs enables customers to accelerate their AI development to take advantage of this exciting market opportunity.”

AMAX Ireland serves as the EMEA extension of AMAX Engineering Corp., headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Fremont, California. As a longstanding NVIDIA NPN Elite Partner, AMAX is a full-cycle provider for GPU compute at any scale, providing solutions for R&D, innovation development, deep learning training and inference, and rack scale data center deployments running mission-critical workloads. All solutions are expertly designed by HPC engineers and account for performance, cost and power efficiency, as well as power and thermal considerations to ensure that the solutions satisfy performance and scalability requirements once deployed to customer sites.

For more information, visit AMAX’s GPU solutions or contact Elaine Gonzalez, global strategy and integrated marketing communications manager,

About AMAX

AMAX is a global leader in award-winning AI/Deep Learning, Cloud and Data Center high-performance computing solutions. AMAX solutions are designed to represent the intersection between high performance and best efficiency for today’s highly efficient data center. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, AMAX Ireland is dedicated to direct support for customers throughout Europe, providing Silicon Valley’s most cutting-edge computing technologies while being Made-in-the-EU for the highest quality, faster delivery and hands-on support.

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