Appoints Cryptocurrency and FinTech Leader Ken Kavanaugh as President, a decentralized brokerage-as-a-service platform headquartered in San Diego, has appointed serial cryptocurrency and fintech entrepreneur Ken Kavanaugh as President. Ken will develop and lead’s go-to-market strategy, helping source commercial partners in both the cryptocurrency and institutional investment industries.

After raising almost $1M through WeFunder in 2018 to build a decentralized exchange, is now white labeling their technology to other projects. Ken will help put the decentralized trading engine into the hands of brokers, exchanges, and fintech firms at a fraction of the cost of building their own.

“Ken is a business leader in both the crypto and fintech spaces, and has handled over $1bn of fintech mergers and acquisitions volume,” said Andrew. “Ken’s skills and experience will help bring our fast, easy, and secure trading engine to a wider range of users, while also making it easy for the rest of the financial market to enter the crypto space.”

Ken co-founded Moon Assist, an advanced order management crypto trading platform, as well as led corporate and business development efforts for Lykke DEX, a pioneer in the use of the security token. He generated $400M+ in revenue and closed dozens of fintech transactions over the years, amounting to $1B+ in M&A deal volume.

The team has spent years developing a sidechain architecture for trading altcoins quickly, efficiently, and safely. Most recently, they open-sourced an atomic swap wallet and were the first to achieve a Bitcoin to Ethereum atomic swap. Hiring Ken is their first step towards scaling their technological achievements to benefit a growing trading community.

“We want to help business do what they do best,” said Ken Kavanaugh, President. “Why waste time, effort and money building your own exchange, when you could use ours instead? By leveraging our expertise and technology, you can focus on your primary goals while we handle the rest.”

Until his appointment as President, Ken served as an adviser to, helping the team navigate what has become a fiercely competitive exchange market. Having co-founded and mentored several decentralized projects, including Everbloom and Moon Assist, Ken will no doubt be a powerful asset to the team.

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