Alpha Events, Inc. Ready for Success in the New Year

As the Alpha Events, Inc. team transitions into the New Year, the firm's managers are initiating a hiring push. As the group expands, the company's Director of Operations will enhance his team-building efforts.

“This year has been phenomenal for Alpha Events, Inc.,” said Maxwell, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We’ve exceeded a number of ambitious goals throughout the year, and we fully intend to maintain this momentum into 2016.”

To ensure exceptional results for the brands they serve as well as continued success for their company, Maxwell and the other team members at Alpha Events, Inc. are seeking new hires to help accommodate rising demand for their renowned interactive marketing services.

"My colleagues and I are recruiting goal-oriented, business-minded professionals to join our ranks,"

Maxwell, Director of Operations

“My colleagues and I are recruiting goal-oriented, business-minded professionals to join our ranks,” stated Maxwell. “We take a team-based approach to all we do, so candidates must also be comfortable with collaboration. It’s all about the soft skills – a willingness to learn, a passion for success, the ability to communicate clearly and openly. We have an intensive training and coaching program that will teach new hires about the practical matters.”

Maxwell acknowledged that high-performing individuals are in demand in the sales and marketing industry. For that reason, he and his fellow leaders leverage their extensive marketing skills to attract top achievers. Efforts include aggressive outreach campaigns and a variety of career-related perks. Anyone who would like to learn more can visit the firm’s website.

Alpha Events, Inc.’s Director Highlights the Benefits of Team Building

“The success of Alpha Events, Inc. is largely the result of our team culture,” Maxwell continued. “We want to continue to enhance this environment, so we’re highly particular in terms of onboarding. New hires must have ideals and goals that are aligned with ours, and have the ability to bring value to our firm. When anyone does join our team, we’re sure to give him or her a huge, warm welcome.”

According to Maxwell, team-building activities offer the most possibility in terms of establishing and strengthening connections between associates. When they spend time together in a social setting, they can relax and focus on one another instead of deadlines and presentations. It enhances morale and productivity.

“We’re always planning something fun and exciting,” Maxwell concluded. “We have holiday celebrations, philanthropic activities, friendly office competitions, travel events, and more. It’s truly a pleasure to share so many wonderful experiences with such amazing people. Our company is stronger for it.”

About Alpha Events Inc

Alpha Events, Inc. is comprised of a team dedicated to results. The experts produce customized outreach events that drive results for valued brands. This includes greater awareness, engagement, and growth in new markets. Their combined years of success in the field have led to expansion in new areas. This extensive experience has also strengthened their power to help businesses connect with more people. It also helps the team create even more partnerships. A commitment to core values, such as teamwork and ensuring satisfaction, is what makes Alpha Events, Inc. stand apart from its competition. The team members continue to elevate brand growth. To learn more, visit