Alpha Events, Inc. Anticipates Promotions, Strengthens Team

Leaders at Alpha Events, Inc. announced excitement about the prospect of promoting several associates. They are also focused on creating a more unified organization with team-building events, and expanding the firm's roster.

“Promotion time is right around the corner, and we have several colleagues who are on track to move forward in their careers,” said Maxwell, Alpha Events, Inc.’s Director of Operations. “I have been working closely with specific team members to ensure their success. As a company, we are committed to developing a collaborative environment where everyone is encouraged to achieve whatever career goals they have set out for themselves.”

During this time of transition, Maxwell is ensuring that the community spirit remains alive and well at Alpha Events, Inc. by increasing his focus on team nights. Recently, the entire firm let off some steam playing laser tag together. They also had a chance to visit Kingmakers, a unique café that not only serves food and drinks but also boasts over 500 different board games.

"This is where it's most important to keep the need for a collaborative group in mind,"

Maxwell , Director of Operations

“Cohesive teams don’t just happen,” shared Maxwell. “We put careful thought into how best to build our organization, and then we put our plans into action.” For example, the recent increase in team-building exercises stems from numerous studies that prove how effective such occasions are at helping colleagues build trust. They are also great opportunities for the Director and other leaders to observe which members of their crew seem to gravitate toward each other naturally. This allows the managers to make smarter, more informed decisions when assigning projects.

Director of Alpha Events, Inc. Discusses Team Building, Hiring Initiative

Another positive result of the upcoming promotions is the opportunity to interview potential associates for the vacated positions on the Alpha Events, Inc. team. “This is where it’s most important to keep the need for a collaborative group in mind,” Maxwell declared. “It’s easy to get swept away by an impressive résumé, and hire someone with great experience or an impressive education without checking to see if they’re a good fit for the team.”

To avoid this pitfall, Maxwell recommends establishing a purpose for any onboarding initiative. “If you start the process with a clear picture of what your company is trying to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it, chances are good you’ll know what qualities are needed in a potential team member.” However, while cohesiveness is good, the Director warns against trying for too much homogeneity. “You need diverse perspectives if you have any hope of innovating. This means a hiring manager walks a fine line between finding an addition who fits in well with the existing group, but still offers a unique viewpoint. It’s a path I feel we’ve learned to tread well, with the promotions to prove it.”

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