Almoway Announces Kickstarter Launch of Ultra-Quiet Automatic Kitchen Composter

Almoway, a team focused on innovative and environmentally friendly kitchen products, just announced the launch of the Almoway Countertop Kitchen Composter. This helpful kitchen companion transforms food waste into environmentally friendly organic compost without odor or mess. Simple to use, ultra-quiet, and efficient, Almoway gives people an effortless way to compost and is available now. For more information, visit the campaign here:

Almoway makes composting easy. Using a process that mixes, heats, and grinds, Almoway's composting system automatically transforms food scraps and waste into healthy soil to eliminate unnecessary waste. It reduces trash and turns fruits, vegetables, cooked food, peels, bones, yard waste, biodegradable bags, coffee and tea grounds, meat and fish, and more, into nutrient-rich compost that can be used for all indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, and vegetables.

"Each year, billions of pounds of food is thrown away, ending up in landfills where it generates harmful methane gas. It also contributes to odors and unsanitary conditions in the kitchen. Composting food scraps is a great way to break the cycle of waste and reduce trash but, until now, the composting process required messy outdoor compost bins and months of manual processing. Our goal with Almoway was to make the process effortless. Using the latest technology, we have developed a fast composting process that transforms food scraps into dry, nutrient-rich, and sterilized soil in just a few hours. Now, with one-touch convenience and no mess, busy people have an eco-friendly solution to kitchen waste," said Almoway CEO Brook Daniel.

Deigned to work on the kitchen countertop, Almoway has a sleek, modern design that fits any home. It works virtually silently with an ultra-quiet operation that makes less sound (approx. 42dB) than most household appliances. Equipped with a replaceable KMnO4 and carbon filter, Almoway eliminates unpleasant odors and unsightly mess in the kitchen and has built-in safety features for worry-free use including a smart Power-Off System and safeguards to stop operation if the door is opened. With an on-board automatic UVC light that kills harmful bacteria, Almoway provides completely sanitized soil that is safe for all plants and vegetable gardens.

Almoway Countertop Kitchen Composter makes composting fast, simple, and automatic. It is the safe and convenient way to reduce kitchen waste and have a plentiful supply of clean, organic soil for gardens and plants. Almoway is available for pre-sale now with rewards and incentives for early adopters. Learn more here:

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