Almost Heaven Saunas Aims to Make 'The Sauna Experience' a U.S. Institution

Almost Heaven Saunas hopes to bring the sauna experience to more Americans than ever before, starting with their brand new Holland, MI showroom.

The opening of a showroom in Holland today is part of Almost Heaven Saunas' ambitious plan to make the benefits of traditional sauna use as well known to the American population as it is in Europe. The company has been headquartered in Holland for nearly a decade, selling saunas throughout the world, including in the nation of Holland.

"Fitness is a top concern of Americans, yet the centuries-old sauna experience, so much a part of European culture, is not yet widespread in the United States," said Rick Mouw, president of Almost Heaven Saunas. "We want more Americans to learn the benefits of an authentic sauna experience: Sauna use can lower blood pressure, increase circulation, improve skin tone, ease joint and muscle pain, and provide a feeling of total well-being. It is a wonderful--and affordable--addition to any health and exercise routine."

In recent years, home saunas have become more mainstream in the United States. For example, Google searches for the word "sauna" have increased 20 percent per year for the last few years.

A Rapidly Growing Business

Almost Heaven Saunas have been hand-crafted in West Virginia with Western cedar for nearly 40 years. The company's sales have increased by 25-30 percent each year for the last 7 years. Part of this impressive growth has been their recognition and partnership with industry leaders internationally, such as the Finnish company Harvia. Almost Heaven now offers some of Harvia's most luxurious and authentic saunas, which are on display in the new showroom.

Almost Heaven expects to sell 2,000 home saunas this year, and about 1,000 Passion Spas. Both saunas and spas are featured in the Holland showroom. The company's sales are international, and in the United States, the largest concentration of sales is on the West Coast.

In addition to the showroom, a full line of saunas can be purchased on the Almost Heaven website, Almost Heaven also sells both saunas and spas through independent dealers in the United States.

 “Fitness trends come and go,” Mouw said, “but saunas have been around for centuries, and they still work wonderfully well. We want people to know that our home saunas, both outdoor or indoor, are affordable, and will enhance their health."


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