Almost Heaven Unveils Heavenly New Logo

Sauna manufacturer rolls out new modern logo design, with inspiration from their West Virginia roots.

Almost Heaven Logo 2018

Almost Heaven Saunas will unveil its new, heavenly logo in September. The new look embraces the familiar angel wings with a slightly new look and adds a charming halo to accentuate the heavenly experience of the sauna.

“We are thrilled with the result,” logo designer Cindy Mouw said. “It was truly a team effort. The logo is fresh and clean with a more updated font and better symmetry,” Cindy said. “We used the same color palette while freshening up the look. The halo was a fun new addition.”

The halo was a fun new addition.

Cindy Mouw

Logo Designer

Cindy began with six initial designs to present to the Almost Heaven Sauna team. The message came through loud and clear from employees to keep the Almost Heaven elements and theme, tied to the company’s roots and factory in West Virginia. John Denver’s hit 1971 song, Country Roads Take Me Home, forever immortalized West Virginia as “almost heaven” with its beginning words, “Almost heaven. . .West Virginia.”

The winning logo retained the same color palette and the wings, but contains centered angel wings with a halo above in a more symmetrical design. Almost Heaven Saunas will be rolling out the new logo over the month of September.

When the Mouws bought Almost Heaven Saunas 20 years ago, they took pride in a company with strong traditions. This recent, modern reboot of the company branding is only a part of the Almost Heaven story. They continue to provide customers with a great traditional Finnish sauna experience. It’s a way to continue the time-honored tradition of the Finnish sauna, as well as embracing newer technology, such as infrared saunas, which can often fit into a smaller space and meet other customer needs.

Almost Heaven Sauna builds and ships quality saunas all over the world and has indoor and outdoor models, including its signature barrel model.

For more information about Almost Heaven Saunas, call 888-355-3050 or email We pride ourselves on our customer service and will do our best to answer your questions.

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