Alloys International Has the Resources and Engineering Expertise to Source or Custom Produce Whatever the Job Calls For

Leading global specialty metals supplier, Alloys International Inc., is utilizing its engineering expertise and extensive resources to source and custom produce metals for various industries.

Alloys International Inc.

With over three decades of experience as one of the world's leading providers of specialty metals and forgings, Alloys International is tapping into its vast inventory and wealth of engineering knowledge to supply customers within the defense, aerospace, nuclear, medical, and petrochemical industries with the metals they need to get the job done.

Alloys International has an extensive and ever-expanding global network of metal-producing mills, allowing them to keep a robust inventory on stock and ensuring quick and efficient access to their wide range of aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, alloy steel, nickel, cobalt, refractory, and exotic alloys. For customers looking for harder-to-find materials, Alloys International's network of relationships allows them to quickly obtain exotic metals and alloys that other suppliers simply can't source.

What truly sets Alloys International apart, however, is when a non-standard requirement presents a problem, such as when a unique tolerance or precision is specified. If their vast network of suppliers can't locate exactly what a customer is looking for, their highly-skilled engineers and technical experts will custom produce to the customer's exact specifications by utilizing a number of services, including sawing, shearing, slitting, trepanning, forging, re-rolling, heat-treating, chemical-milling, water-jet cutting and a variety of other processes. This flexibility in production allows Alloys International to operate without restrictions, servicing orders from large-mill quantities all the way down to one-piece orders.

Many companies often find mill minimums too big or the lead times too long for specialty jobs. That's where Alloys International's billet inventory is handy, allowing them to custom convert smaller quantities with substantially reduced deliveries. For more information on Alloys International's extensive metal and alloy sourcing services, interested readers can visit

About Alloys International Inc.

With over 30 years of experience as a global specialty metals supplier and alloys to the defense, aerospace, chemical, nuclear, and petroleum industries, Alloys International offers the connections, resources, and knowledge to help businesses meet their metal supply needs. By focusing on value-added solutions and excellent customer service, Alloys International has been able to expand its superior offerings by relying on its seasoned staff and utilizing multiple methods of shipment, providing critical industries with the alloys, metals, and forging solutions they demand.

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