Alliance Offers Fellowship for Teachers Eager to Build Their Students' Decision-Making Skills

Fellowship focuses on teachers learning key skills, then developing coursework

The Alliance for Decision Education, the non-profit spearheading a national movement for decision-making skills to be taught in schools, today announced the launch of its second teachers' Fellowship Program. 

The program, to include 24 middle and high-school teachers from across the country, aims to equip teachers with training and tools to incorporate Decision Education into their classes, then share back learnings and results.

Decision Education Fellows will work independently and together over the year, initially for 10 weeks to learn the fundamentals of Decision Education, and then on their own to develop best practices for applying the skills into their classrooms. They later will share with the Alliance an assessment of results and learnings from their in-class application.

Stipend:                                      $3,000

Core Fellowship Dates:            Oct 6 - Dec 13+

Work Sessions:                         Each Wednesday, 4-5:30 pm EST for :90 

Independent Sessions:            Weekly, self-study, :60

Application Deadline:               Friday, Sept 3 

Learn More:                   

Decision Education develops in students the skills and dispositions needed for effective decision-making. It includes seven skill areas that help students, whether working independently or as part of a group, embrace a decision as an opportunity, identify biases, manage the situation they are facing, follow a structured decision process, predict possible outcomes, manage their own habits, and apply proven tools. 

Fellows also will be able to connect and collaborate with last year's Fellows. 

  • "This has transformed the way I engage with my students." - Tiffany White, Math Teacher, Homewood Flossmoor High School, Chicago.
  • "This Fellowship was invaluable. It helped us go beyond just memorizing facts and gets into real issues, deep topics, and fostering discussion and analysis. It was a whole other level of learning that I hadn't done as much in my classroom prior." - Joanne Calder, Science Teacher, Beach Grove Elementary, British Columbia.
  • "The students really evolved, they thought more deeply about alternatives and how they need to consider those factors when coming up with a decision." - Allen Wang, Science Teacher, KIPP Academy, Massachusetts

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About the Alliance

The Alliance for Decision Education is a national non-profit leading the growing national call to have Decision Education taught in schools across the country by 2030. Founded in 2014 and backed by some of the world's leading experts in decision science and education, the Alliance fosters the understanding that better decisions lead to better lives and a better society. The Alliance is working with educators, academic and business leaders, parents, and community members to raise awareness that today's students need to learn the life-long skills of how to make decisions that will improve their work in the classroom and their lives beyond. Learn more and support the Alliance efforts at    


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