Allegiant Connections Inc. Holiday Party Travel Opportunity

Allegiant Connections Inc.'s team recently traveled to Atlantic City, New Jersey for an annual industry holiday party. Suneil, the company President, indicated that the event was a great way to finish 2017.

​The Allegiant Connections Inc. associates gathered, along with professionals from other customer acquisition firms, at the Borgata Hotel. It was a fun getaway for the group, Suneil said. Spending time together outside a work context is a powerful way to bond and strengthen relationships. Additionally, sharing the experiencing of visiting Atlantic City together was great for the team.

“There were also our peers from other companies at the event,” he continued. “It was a chance to network with them and get to know about their work. Attending gatherings like this one helps us stay up to date with the industry. There were so many talented people at the party, I am very glad my team members had the chance to meet them.”

"There is so much to be gained from interacting with the larger industry," he stated.

Suneil, President

In addition to the networking opportunities, the holiday party gave the Allegiant Connections Inc. team a view of the bigger picture of the industry. Suneil stated that seeing what other individuals have achieved this year was very inspiring. Many of the firms at the event have been open longer, so it was a look into the future for his company.

“The event also included some awards and recognition for the attendees’ hard work,” he added. “It was both humbling and exciting to hear about the greatest accomplishments for 2017. This party was a great way to celebrate the end of 2017. It has been a big year for us and now we are all the more excited for what next year will bring.”

Allegiant Connections Inc.’s President Discusses Conferences

Sending Allegiant Connections Inc. executives to conferences has helped propel the firm to success, asserted Suneil. These industry events are ideal for learning, networking, and getting inspired. So, whenever a retreat, party, or other industry get-together happens, he and his management team are quick to try and send some of their people.

“There is so much to be gained from interacting with the larger industry,” he stated. “It’s especially motivating to learn about all the latest successes in our field, like we did at the holiday party. Keeping our people driven is a constant priority and these conferences are perfect for achieving that. It also helps that we can offer travel perks to reward our team members for their dedication.”

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