All Pro Audio Visual, LLC Launches 'Hybrid-iFi', Setting a National Standard for Hybrid Meetings and Internet Solutions

Program to deliver cost-effective, reliable, consistent end-to-end solutions to APAV's clients.

All Pro Audio Visual (APAV), an innovative global national event production and rental company, announced the expansion of its hybrid meeting programs to better serve clients integrating remote and in-person spectators.

Under the new "Hybrid-iFi" solution, APAV combines its 10+ years in the Audio Visual Production industry, and 10+ years in the IT industry, to offer incredibly affordable internet solutions to its client base, saving clients thousands of dollars per event, compared to the alternative in-house internet options.

"We are proud to say we are invested in our clients' goals, both at a technological level and a financial one as well. We are happy to provide alternative solutions to our overpriced competitors. APAV is well known throughout the industry for providing an elite service at an affordable price," said Allen Childs, President. "We are excited to offer an Internet solution that is necessary for Hybrid Streaming. Hybrid events will continue to provide benefits of digital creation, connections, participation, and the opportunity for our clients to expand their viewership."

"Hybrid-iFi" is the realization of APAV combining nationwide networks, to deliver enhanced experiences and communication for attendees. Key benefits of the service include:

  • Higher connectivity speeds 
  • Private independently managed networks
  • Cost-effective data usage

Daniel Butler, Vice President of IT for APAV, stated, "At All Pro Audio Visual we have been able to leverage the cellular infrastructure of all major U.S. carriers to provide a robust and resilient on-demand connection for our clients. Our ability to use multiple carriers simultaneously provides our clients not only greater throughput but physical redundancy."

About All Pro Audio Visual

All Pro Audio Visual is a nationwide audio-visual rental house and production company. APAV's team consists of technological innovators, creative producers, and experts in their field, all working together to help customers produce memorable events for their attendees: virtual, in person, or hybrid. APAV services the entire United States of America and Canada. The company is headquartered in the Chicago metro area.

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