AKAAI Named a Winner of the 2021 Edison Awards

AKAAI ("AKA") is pleased to announce that its social robot Musio S received the bronze award at the Edison Awards for Social Tools for Disabilities & Illnesses.

Named after world-renowned inventor Thomas Edison, The Edison Awards is one of the prestigious awards recognizing and honoring some of the most innovative products, services, as well as the pioneers of the industries across the globe since 1987.

Equipped with in-house developed AI engine "Muse", the social robot Musio S incarnates seamless AI conversations based on natural language processing technologies. Although originally designed as a substitute of native speakers for English education, it can be applied to any part related to communication as a cognitive enhancement tool for the workforce and daily living. Musio is also proven to be a great companion for the elderly or those socially isolated.

Through the pilot cases of children overcoming and mending selective mutism while communicating with Musio, AKA has successfully demonstrated an ultimate future of AI technology and communicative social robots: the social robot could interact with human beings with deep understanding of human emotions and also therapeutic changes that can be brought up by artificial intelligence, aiming at the elderly or patients suffering from mental issues such as depression. "This is a significant innovation at a social level; we resonate with the values AKA has proposed to us," said Edison Universe Executive Director Frank Bonafillia.

"It's an honor and vivid encouragement to be recognized by the Edison Awards. This accolade confirms that the changes we'd like to build are not only our imagination," said Raymond Jung, CEO of AKA. "We are determined to work on resolving socio-economic gaps due to the shortage in the intellectual services as well as cognitive problems such as dementia by delivering the AI Muse engine along with the social robot Musio."

About the Edison Awards: 

The Edison Awards is the world's most revered Innovation Award dedicated to recognizing and honoring the best in innovation and innovators over the last 34 years. For more information about the Edison Awards complete program and a list of winners, visit www.edisonawards.com.

About AKA

AKA is developing A.I. cognitive engine Muse and its based social robot Musio in order to help improve human being's cognitive abilities. The technology integrates artificial intelligence and refined data to more effectively deliver essential tools for accelerating our life abundant and overcoming socio-geographical limitations. The current market focus is about Education and Healthcare where AKA's product fits in.

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Official Homepage: http://www.akaintelligence.com/

Musio Product page: https://themusio.com/

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AKA is developing A.I. engines to help improve communication among objects. The technology integrates artificial intelligence and big data to more effectively deliver essential communication tools.