AK Mishra's Art of Success Organized Life Transforming Training Session on "Take Charge of Life"

AK Mishra's Art of Success once again came up with an incredible training session on its foundation course "Take Charge of Life". The life transformation training session was held at Zorba, The Buddha, Ghitorni, Delhi on 14th Dec 2015.

The transforming journey of the participants began at 8am in the morning and continued till 6pm in the evening. Success Guru AK Mishra, being the chief speaker of the seminar and founder of AK Mishra’s Art of Success made participants entirely & beautifully engaged in the seminar with his wonderful music, truly a soul rejuvenating yoga and meditation, moreover his amazing talk session which empowered the participants with the art of taking charge of their life every moment.

The session was followed by yoga and meditation by a renowned yoga professional and continued with music, singing, dance and 3 different phases of talk sessions by Success Guru AK Mishra. Mr. Mishra discussed the importance of being in charge of emotions and how one can achieve the right and preferred state of mind by spending quality time with oneself. The session also helped participants lighten their heart and connecting to their soul through Osho meditation.

Participants were so delighted and overcome several fears, doubts and came up with more refined personality. The session was full of emotions, laughter, music, talk, discussion with an ultimate motive to bring out the actual personality of the participants, enable them to discover their true self, their own desires, and thoughts free from the perceptions of others.

When talked to Mr. AK Mishra on this, Success Guru AK Mishra said, every human being is born with unconditional and unique potential, each human being has power to achieve great and extraordinary success in life, however right guidance and self-discovery is vital which most of the people fail to get in life which in turns keep them unaware of their true potential. My ultimate motive of Art of Success training programme is introducing people with their true selves and their true potential in order to make them explore extraordinary heights of success”.