"AJ's Handheld Crabtraps": A Unique, Handheld, Extendable Device for Catching Blue Crabs

"AJ's Handheld Crabtraps": easy-to-operate trap aids crabber to catch blue crab and bring delicacy to the table.

​Anyone who enjoys the taste of the sea offering of delicious blue crab will quickly recognize the benefit of the AJ's Handheld Crabtraps. AJ's Handheld Crabtraps is a unique, handheld, extendable device for catching blue crabs and an improvement over the conventional hand-lining and netting methods used by crabbers working from the shore or from a dock. The device will enable all users with a taste for blue crab to increase their success in catching this delicacy.

These crab-traps have a telescoping shaft going from 4' to 12' at maximum extension. At the top end is a handle with a lever or trigger to close the dome shaped trap. At the very upper end of the tube is a small bell and this is the crab alert bell which notifies the crabber that a blue crab is seizing the bait and within the the confines of the trap-end enabling the user to enclose the crab. The transparent material on the trap head allows the crabber to examine the crab for size without having to first get it in hand. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in AJ's Handheld Crabtraps.

The Patent Pending AJ's Handheld Crabtraps was invented by Arnold Bethea of Baltimore, MD who said, “This device is a superior tool and easy to use as well as affordable. It can be used from shore, from a dock or even from a boat due to the possible depth up to 12 feet. As a blue crab lover, I designed this after having suffered from a stroke and found netting and hand-lining was so difficult. Now I can get my blue crab whenever I want. It works perfectly and holds the crabbing bait firmly in place.”

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