Aislelabs Provides Social Distancing Solutions for University of Surrey's Mobile App

Leveraging the Aislelabs Smart Occupancy solution, University of Surrey is able to provide real-time occupancy of common areas to students across their campus

Aislelabs is excited to announce its Smart Occupancy solution will be used by University of Surrey's MySurrey app to manage on-campus social distancing. Leveraging Aislelabs technology, University of Surrey is able to provide real-time occupancy of common areas to their students using the existing Aruba wireless infrastructure. Aruba is the Intelligent Edge division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 

University of Surrey partnered with Aislelabs, Aruba, and Khipu Networks to deploy the solution, and all privacy regulations were followed. This puts the university at the forefront of managing the COVID-19 crisis and is currently the only UK university to do so.

Real-time occupancy counting

Aislelabs Smart Occupancy uses the University of Surrey's existing wireless infrastructure with no capital expense needed to deploy the solution. Access points anonymously triangulate the aggregate counts of mobile devices in a zone, area, or location without requiring students, staff or visitors to sign into the Wi-Fi or take any action whatsoever. This automatically provides accurate counts in real-time at each location which is visible across the entire campus through a centralized dashboard.

Common and student areas at the campus were mapped out in the Aislelabs platform, providing the university a way to delineate specific spaces, such as the student union, catering areas or study rooms, with their own occupancy thresholds. No personal information is ever collected, ensuring the privacy of each student, and all occupancy counting is done in aggregate complying with all privacy regulations.

MySurrey mobile app integration

Leveraging APIs, data collected by the Aislelabs platform is sent to the MySurrey app in real-time. This provides an effective way for students to see different spaces and whether they are safe to enter or are reaching a maximum threshold directly in the app. Each space is given occupancy thresholds for very busy, moderately busy, or not busy at all and is indicated in the app with either red, amber, or green for each of those states. This solution provides a way to ensure the safety of the student body by automatically providing occupancy counts while also protecting their privacy.

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Source: Aislelabs Inc.