Aislelabs Announces Email Marketing Platform for Ecommerce Retailers With a Free Tier

Shopify retailers with lists under 25,000 users will be able to leverage a full digital marketing and automation platform from Aislelabs for free.

Aislelabs announces a new ecommerce marketing platform for online only retailers to implement automation workflows, abandoned cart re-engagement emails, and revenue directly attributed to email campaigns. In conjunction with our new Shopify integration, this new platform will be made available for free for a limited number of ecommerce businesses that have contact lists under 25,000 users. This free tier is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and businesses can apply for a spot today via the Aislelabs website.

The new ecommerce platform leverages Aislelabs' digital marketing experience working with large brick-and-mortar enterprises. A full digital marketing solution will be available for smaller ecommerce retailers even at the free tier level without any restrictions. This will enable online businesses to run personalized campaigns that retarget visitors and increase sales.

Advanced digital marketing features

Advanced email and SMS messaging can be sent using automation and rules to identify the right audience group for each campaign, delivering messages with a personalized touch. This allows businesses to run triggered campaigns such as engaging visitors as soon as they opt-in or to thank them when they purchase a product. Online shoppers who abandon their cart or browse specific items can also be targeted with automated personalized messaging to encourage purchases and minimize potential loss in sales.

Built-in templates and visual editors allow ecommerce retailers to easily create beautiful landing pages and pop-ups for email opt-ins as well as the email content itself. Email messages can be optimized using advanced A/B testing to compare subject headings, call to actions, or any other variable which will lead to more sales or build their brand.

Marketing success can be evaluated with a full array of insights features including open rates, click-through rates, and the amount of revenue generated through digital marketing methods. User lists can be segmented based on a variety of user behaviour including shopping habits and website engagement.

About Aislelabs Inc.: Aislelabs is a technology company offering the most advanced WiFi location marketing, advertising, and analytics platform in the market working with a number of global retail chains, shopping centers, restaurants, airports, and large venues. They help clients build relationships with visitors and shoppers, marketing to them based on their behaviour inside brick-and-mortar spaces. Aislelabs technology empowers their clients to target audiences across all digital channels and create high-impact campaigns with measurable ROI. To learn more, visit their website at or contact Aislelabs at 1 (888) 765-3645 or by email media(at)aislelabs(dot)com.

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Aislelabs is a technology company offering the most advanced Wi-Fi location marketing, advertising and analytics platform in the market.

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