Air Purifiers by Alpine Air Products Utilize Negative Ions and Activated Oxygen

Air purifiers that help in significantly improving indoor air quality


If indoor air quality is an issue in a home or commercial space, Alpine Air Products has the ideal solution for such a setting. Alpine Air Products has a line of commercial and residential air purification systems that help in improving indoor air quality, thus helping in doing away with breathing problems and making spaces healthier for occupants.

Air purification systems by Alpine Air Products are known for delivering high-performance year on year. Products like ALPINE AIR 300 are capable of eliminating dust particles, disease-causing germs, pet odors, and cigarette smoke from inside a home or commercial space. Not only this, the purifiers stop allergies and contagious diseases from spreading. When Alpine Air purifiers are installed, customers take an important step towards maintaining fresh and healthy air inside buildings and ensure that diseases and allergies caused by contaminated air are kept at bay. 

Air purifiers by Alpine Air not only use activated oxygen but two types of ionization too. The technologies used in these purifiers aren’t found in too many others in their category, as they purify air naturally and without any noise. 

In addition to providing different air purifiers for residential and commercial spaces, Alpine Air also provides accessories to help keep their air purifier performing at optimum levels. The objective is to not only provide high-performance air purification systems but also ensure that customers don’t encounter any problems with their efficiency and maintenance. Some of these accessories include ozone plates, HEPA filters, RCI cells, fan motors, fuse, fuse holders, and more. 

About Alpine Air Products: Alpine Air Products provides simple and cost-effective solutions for dealing with issues related to indoor air quality, with an inventory of products that features in-house air purifiers, commercial air purifiers, and air purifier accessories.

Source: Alpine Air Products


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