AIESEC Alumni Goes Inventive With WeChat Strategy

Bring sponsors into the fold and harvest conversion data

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AIESEC Alumni goes inventive with WeChat strategy utilizing WeChat’s popularity by making it work online and offline

WeChat has undoubtedly become a mainstay in the marketing toolbox of any brands serious about the Greater China market. That said, more often than not a challenge with such social media platforms is the difficulty in building and attracting a healthy following or fan base. “Content is king” has been a popular saying within the marketing circles for a while, and remains the textbook way of earning users’ fickle attention. However, some have made use of WeChat’s open-platform nature and found an alternative solution – simply digitizing an offline event with WeChat.

WeChat is like play doh and can almost be shaped as you will it, you just need to be able to 'see' what's possible.

Horris Tse, Co-founder and Managing Director

Take the AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference 2017 (AAAPC) as an example. The 3-day conference is to be held this coming June with the theme “ChanceForming Asia, where participants get to meet and discuss the impact of technology on enterprises in Asia. Walking the talk, the organizer leveraged WeAct, a WeChat event management offering provided by WeChat technology specialist WeMine, to digitize their event management while converting participants to fans.

Through following AAAPC’s official WeChat account, participants can enroll for, and be notified about the conference to stay up-to-date on happenings. On the day, the same account allows for speedy check-in, name badge printing and agenda sharing. It will also be used for raising floor questions as well as real-time polling during various sessions. All these not only make both organizing and participating a breeze, but since following the account is a prerequisite to all the benefits and information, AIESEC almost effortlessly converted all the participants into their fans on WeChat, thereby extending what was a short 3-day interaction into a long term conversation.

Bring your sponsors into the fold and harvest conversion data

With WeAct, AAAPC killed three birds with one stone – not only did it streamlined event management and attracted fans, but they also took care of tracking data for their sponsor partners. Topiary, a class bar and lounge in SOHO was AAAPC’s Happy Hour session sponsor. With WeAct, paper coupons had no place and gone were the headaches with coupons either too big or downright forgotten. Participants only had to scan the QR code at Topiary with the WeChat-embedded scanner and will get their free drinks. Based on use cases, WeAct can also push notifications to remind them about their outstanding offers. Horris Tse, Founder of WeMine, stated such mechanism is popular and flexible, mentioning that the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) leveraged much the same mechanism for a red packet distribution activity at their own spring cocktail event to good reception. At a time when the rage is all about data and performance, digitizing and tracking activities and sponsorship impact allows for organizers and partners alike to learn and act on customers’ preference and behavior.

The WeMine team is placing an obvious bet on utilizing WeChat’s nature being an open and highly customizable platform to offer brands with bespoke customer experience, while harvest precious data and learning on the backend. Horris might have sums it up their vision best when he said “WeChat is like play doh and can almost be shaped as you will it, you just need to be able to ‘see’ what’s possible.”

About WeMine (

WeMine is a Hong Kong-based start-up, focusing on technology and development projects based on WeChat’s public account platform. In addition, it serves clients from account establishment, creative strategy, to content creation and beyond in collaboration with consultant partner, RollAngle. On their portfolio, they boost names such as FTLife, Infinitus Company Limited, Maserati, Lazada, Chrstie’s, Robert Walters and Hong Thai Travel Services. WeMine is also invited member to the Shenzhen government-backed incubation program at Namshan Park.

About AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference (

AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference (AAAPC) is an annual event held by the AIESEC Alumni, aiming at putting forth ideas, through deliberation and collaboration, that will propel the region’s betterment. The event rotates its venues and encourages society and business leaders to share their views and trends from an array of angles on an array of fields. The 2017 edition carries the theme “ChanceForming Asia” and will be held in Hong Kong from June 23rd to 25th.

About Topiary (https://www.facebook/topiaryhk/)

Topiary is the art of trimming, and therefore shaping shrubs and trees into ornamental shapes, and hence captures the spirit of this establishment in SOHO – the pursuit of all things elegant. Known for its handcrafted creative cocktails, precious whiskey collection, and delicate all-vegetarian horderves, guests can choose its French-styled outdoor area, the iconic bar, or the private lounge for whatever the occasion they are drinking to.

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