Aible Announces the General Availability of ChatAible, an Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Solution for Analytics - Already Used by Over 600 Companies and 60+ of the Global 2000

ChatAible users can immediately leverage Google Cloud's conversational large language models through Vertex AI for enterprise generative AI and data analytics use cases.


Aible, the only enterprise AI solution that guarantees impact in 30 days, today announced the general availability of ChatAible, the first and only generative AI solution for enterprise analytics. The AI-first analytics solution comes with guardrails for security and hallucinations to boost the use of powerful generative AI technologies such as Google Cloud's Vertex AI with Google's PaLM2 for enterprise use cases. This launch is an extension to Aible's core augmented analytics and data science offerings and its collaboration with Google Cloud's open generative AI partner ecosystem.

Customers will instantly be able to leverage the enterprise-grade generative AI solution to further enhance data engineering and analytics efforts while automatically addressing key shortcomings of generative AI for enterprise use including data privacy & residency, hallucinations, customization to enterprise data, etc. Business teams can now gain trial access to generative AI for enterprise analytics with ChatAible here.

"Generative AI is a transformative technology. But, it suffers from key limitations that will prevent its adoption at enterprise customers. Aible is taking a scalable approach to the problem, by using explainable AI to augment and double-check generative AI to avoid issues such as hallucinations. We are honored that over six hundred organizations and sixty of the Global 2000 are already using ChatAible in just the first few weeks as we take generative AI to the enterprise," according to Arijit Sengupta, Founder & CEO of Aible.

"We're delighted to support Aible with Google Cloud foundation models and Vertex AI and to help businesses apply generative AI to address real-world use cases within data analytics," said Dr. Ali Arsanjani, Director, Cloud Partner Engineering, Google Cloud.

Adopted by 600 enterprises, with 60 of the Global 2000

Within weeks of its beta release in March 2023, over 600 organizations signed up for ChatAible to address their key concerns and barriers that had previously prevented securely scaling the use of generative AI for enterprise analytics. Leading brands highlighted their reasons to use ChatAible at the recent Gartner Data & Analytics Summit and how enterprises will be able to securely scale the use of generative AI for analytics.

According to Raj Gupta, President, RDigital BU, R Systems, "Enterprise clients ask us for guidance as they leverage the benefits of generative AI in a responsible manner. ChatAible's enterprise-grade generative AI capabilities enable our teams to deliver actionable insights while protecting critical customer data and maintain customer governance practices and regulatory compliance."

Key features of ChatAible that enable enterprises to leverage generative AI to drive insights from their data include its ability to:

  • Take an AI-first approach to ask millions of questions and surface top insights from data
  • Securely provide enterprise context to generative AI, with prompt augmentation that only shares curated metadata and without sending raw data to the generative AI
  • Automatically double check the responses of generative AI with explainable AI and avoid generative AI 'hallucinations'
  • Generate automated dashboards within popular analytics applications like Looker and Power BI

Two Aible customers will speak at the upcoming Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in London, U.K., on May 23, 2023 at a live session titled "Generative AI for Enterprise Analytics". The session will feature enterprise data practitioners from leading organizations and will highlight how they are rethinking ways to extract value from data using generative AI at scale. See the event's full agenda here.

Aible was also selected to participate at Gartner's Show Floor Showdown - Data Science and Machine Learning session with Jim Hare, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner and will be featured in the live session on May 24, 2023 at the London event. This session will provide attendees an opportunity to see analytics, data science and machine learning tools being applied in a controlled, consistent setting via a demonstration of product capabilities.

To watch the key highlights from the recent Gartner Summit in Orlando, FL, with customer testimonials, click here. With the general availability of ChatAible, enterprises will be able to trial the generative AI solution on their own data by signing up for the free trial here.

New integration with Vertex AI delivers access to Google Cloud's conversational large language models

With the latest announcement, hundreds of enterprises now on ChatAible will be able to benefit from Google's large language models through Vertex AI. Enterprise teams will gain turn-key access to Google Cloud's latest conversation technology within the security of their own private cloud accounts. This innovation will be available on top of existing Google Cloud integrations including BigQuery, Looker, and Vertex AI.

Enterprises can acquire access to ChatAible via Google Cloud Marketplace here. Business and data analytics teams interested in trying this technology can sign-up for the free trial here.

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Aible is the only enterprise AI solution that guarantees impact in 30 days. The AI-first analytics solution answers business questions by automating all steps of the analysis process - from data discovery, data preparation, asking millions of questions automatically, statistical analysis, and synthesis of insights into a business summary. It leverages generative AI while addressing key limitations such as data privacy, context transfer, and hallucinations. Proven at scale at several Fortune 100 enterprises, business teams can go from raw data to valuable insights in hours and to measurable business impact in 30 days or less - guaranteed. Discover real-world AI at

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