Aible Announces an Enterprise-Grade Solution to Generative AI's Hallucination Problem at the 2023 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Launches AI solution allowing enterprises to enhance Generative AI to conduct enterprise analytics at scale while detecting and avoiding cases where Generative AI gets facts wrong or simply makes them up

Aible, the only enterprise AI solution that guarantees impact in 30 days, today announced new capabilities that augment leading Generative AI technology such as GPT-4 and Google's Vertex AI with Aible's ability to completely automate enterprise analytics. This launch is an extension to Aible's core augmented analytics and data science offerings and its collaboration with Google Cloud's open generative AI partner ecosystem. Aible continues to be cloud and technology agnostic so that Aible customers can benefit from whichever technology stack they prefer.

With the newly launched Aible's Business Nervous System, enterprises will be able to leverage Generative AI to further enhance augmented Data Engineering and Analytics while eliminating key shortcomings of Generative AI today. To gain access to this solution, enterprises can sign up for Aible's Early Access Program here.

"Generative AI is a transformative technology. But, it suffers from key limitations that will prevent its adoption at enterprise customers. Aible is taking a scalable approach to the problem by using explainable AI to augment and double-check generative AI to avoid issues such as hallucinations. We are honored that three of the Fortune 100 are already advising us as we take generative AI to the enterprise," according to Arijit Sengupta, founder and CEO of Aible.

Aible addresses key constraints of Generative AI technology by:

  • Finding the right questions users should ask of their data — While Generative AI answers questions informatively, the onus is still on the user to ask the right question. Albert Einstein said, "If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask … for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes." This human-first approach adds severe constraints to scaling insight generation and significantly increases compute costs. Aible leverages a simple fact — In the time and for the cost of humans asking a handful of questions, AI can ask millions of questions and prioritize the best answers. Essentially, the AI automatically identifies the key insights hidden in the data and then the user leverages human intuition and domain knowledge to figure out whether the pattern is a data-quality problem, an actionable insight or a statistical curiosity. Aible has proven this approach at customers across industries and use cases as demonstrated in these 25 success stories Aible published in partnership with IntelAs featured in this Google Cloud Blog, a joint Fortune 500 customer with Google Cloud evaluated 75 datasets with over 100 million rows, prioritizing and saving off patterns for over 150 million variable combinations, for only $80 in total compute cost. Additional enterprise success stories from multiple Fortune 100 customers will be featured live at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit.
  • Easily and securely transferring enterprise context to the Generative AI — Generative AI does not know anything about an enterprise's private data. To enable Generative AI to leverage such data, teams of experts have to manually enhance the AI to understand the enterprise context. The Aible Business Nervous System automatically transfers enterprise context to the Generative AI without transferring raw data. Enterprises can control exactly what information is transferred and the level of anonymization and masking they wish to employ when the enterprise context is transferred to the generative AI.
  • Automatically double-checking the answers of the Generative AI to avoid  'hallucinations' — As indicated in this OpenAI Technical Report, the factual accuracy for GPT-4 models in the context of business applications is only 75%. The report states, "Despite its capabilities, GPT-4 has similar limitations as earlier GPT models. Most importantly, it still is not fully reliable (it 'hallucinates' facts and makes reasoning errors). Great care should be taken when using language model outputs, particularly in high-stakes contexts, with the exact protocol (such as human review, grounding with additional context, or avoiding high-stakes uses altogether) matching the needs of specific applications." Aible believes expecting humans to double-check the output of generative AI will not be a scalable solution in analytics use cases. Thus, the Aible Business Nervous System uses the facts in the auto-generated Information Model to double-check the answers of Generative AI. Essentially, Aible is scalably using a well-understood "explainable" type of AI to double-check a new type of AI. 

Aible's augmented AI-first approach together with its Information Model automates this process for the enterprise. Enterprises will be able to see live demonstrations at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit in Orlando, Florida, this week.

Aible Business Nervous System — Early Access Program

Enterprises can build these Information Models today with Aible's generally available, award-winning, augmented data engineering and augmented analytics solutions. Enterprises can also sign up for the Early Access Program for the Aible Business Nervous System today. The solution will be generally available on May 1, 2023. Priority will be given to enterprises with the most diverse Information Models, such as ones who have analyzed their sales, marketing, customer retention, inventory, and other business functions using Aible. 

These capabilities will be highlighted during the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit at:

  • Aible's Session with two Fortune 100 companies and a leading hospital on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at 11 a.m. EDT
  • Gartner's Invite-Only Investor Session on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at 1 p.m. EDT
  • Invite-Only Show Floor Showdown for Data Science & Machine Learning on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at 2:30 p.m. EDT
  • Aible's Engagement Zone with several thought leaders, enterprise practitioners, preferred partners including Boomi, Google Cloud, InfoCepts, R Systems and more, open throughout the event

To gain access to this solution, enterprises can sign up for Aible's Early Access Program here.

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