AI Shoe Size Analyzing Service 'Perfitt' Enters 'DeNations' Metaverse

Perfitt is entering DeNations' metaverse through partnership. 

DeNations metaverse is the world's first nations-based metaverse which currently has 195 nation NFTs inspired by real-world nations. In DeNations, players can own nations and lands, build civilizations, and earn tokens. There are in total 390,000 unique lands in DeNations, and they can later become territories of the nations and get infrastructure support.

Perfitt renovates the dynamics of footwear shopping for everyone. Perfitt analyzes shoe size and shapes to recommend the perfect size for the customers' feet. Thanks to Perfitt, consumers can be free of frustration from the size mistakes of online purchases. The service uses its size recommendation AI engine based on measured data. The AI engine finds the most fitting size by a comparative analysis of 3D models of the customers' feet and the inner shape of shoes.

Through this partnership, Perfitt will own one of the Meta Lands in DeNations metaverse, where they will carry out various activities. 

Source: DeNations


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