AGC X-Ray 135 Hybrid-Shift Gaming Desktop PC

X-Ray 135 brings an energy efficient processor and super high performance video card into AGC Gaming's Lineup of gaming computers.

After a long wait, AGC has finally released not only the specifics of its mid range X-Ray gaming computer, but the entire computer for purchase. The X-Ray 135 Hybrid-Shift, as it will be known, was developed as more than just another middle of the road performance and gaming computer, but instead it was a mix and match of different models.

The X-Ray 135 Hybrid-Shift mainly mixed features between the X-Ray lineup's 100 model which is at the entry level and the 160 which is the high-end model. AGC Gaming brought energy efficient technologies together with a high-end gaming video card offering with the objective to create an excellent performing gaming desktop while keeping great value. This combination was previously not possible since most energy efficient 95 Watt processor would handcuff the video performance and not allow for maximum gaming and 3D performance. Hybrid-Shift, however, is based on one of the newest CPU releases from AMD, the AMD Phenom II x4 820. AMD initially killed the Phenom II 800 line, but brought it back with the 820 which showed off super fast raw speed at 3.2GHz, low heat, and an energy efficient 95 Watts.

To create a maximum 3D gaming experience, AGC Gaming also had to incorporate an exceptionally fast graphics card. For that, the X-Ray 135 Hybrid-Shift receives the GTX 560Ti with an enormous 2GB of GDDR5 RAM by nVidia. The 560Ti 2GB video card features nVidia's award winning fermi architecture for a super smooth top notch gaming experience, as well as, nVidia PhysX, CUDA, and 3D technology which is only found on nVidia's video cards. Another feature of the 560Ti is that it significantly decreased power consumption compared to previous generations this added another level of energy efficiency to the XR135 Hybrid-Shift.

For the styling of the new PC, AGC Gaming uses their usual UV reactive interior with a UV reactive transparent case which they are known for, but for consumers which want a less colorful option can also choose the minimalistic design which features a sleek black case with some slight white trim and added noise reduction.

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